Political Transfer Window: Shake-ups in Schaerbeek Municipal Council and The Mayor’s List

2023-09-27 16:48:00

One year before the municipal elections, the political transfer window continues to be in full swing. And in Schaerbeek, the Mayor’s List is experiencing a new departure, after that of Sadik Köksal to the MR last June, it is the dean of the municipal council, Bernard Guillaume, who is making the same journey. There is one year left in the legislature, of the 47 seats that make up the Schaerbeek council, the LB-Ecolo alliance has 24.

It is also the fourth best score on the Mayor’s List in the last municipal elections which is going away. In 2018, only Bernard Clerfayt, Cécile Jodogne, and… Sadik Köksal had done better than him. In one summer, the LB therefore lost two important names on its list. Note, however, the recruitment of Emin Ozkara who joined Défi from the PS in mid-September.

It was therefore “with great enthusiasm” that the head of the MR group, Angelina Chan, welcomed her recruit. “This decision demonstrates our commitment within the municipal council, in favor of democracy and the defense of Schaerbeek residents against an anti-mobility Ecolo program.”

Lack of quorum, the municipal council canceled again in Schaerbeek in particular because of Sadik Koksak, who is going to the MR

“I have always been liberal, I joined the PLP in 1968,” confides the dean of the council. After 2012 and the fracture of the Schaerbeek MR, collaboration with the liberals on the Mayor’s List worked very well. But since 2018 and the new legislature, Ecolo’s influence has tripled. Before, we would not have given up on subjects like mobility or parking.” During the strong tensions animating the municipal councils on these themes, the councilor had always abstained or had voted against the projects of his own majority, calling on the latter to turn around, sometimes. “Large cases are still arriving, like that of the CPAS which is suffering from a hole in its accounts of 20 million euros, which still represents 10% of its budget. I want to defend the Schaerbeek taxpayer in this matter.”

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Schaerbeek (almost) in current affairs

Following this departure, the municipal majority therefore only has 24 seats, one more than the opposition, but Michel De Herde (Défi) still remains excluded from the council. The investigation concerning him is progressing, and the outcome will determine the presence or not of the elected official on the benches of the municipal council. By then, the majority will occupy, at best, 23 seats.

Once again, no quorum in Schaerbeek for the municipal council: the Défi-Ecolo majority still divided

Recent municipal councils have demonstrated the difficulty for the mayor’s team to ensure a quorum, resulting in strained relations between the majority and the opposition, with the latter systematically leaving the council in order to derail the plans of the council. municipal college. To avoid countless postponements of advice, Cécile Jodogne received the leaders of the opposition today. Together, they agreed that the opposition would no longer leave the municipal councils in order to finally be able to ensure that debates were held. In return, the majority will withdraw their last major projects on which they were counting. In short: Schaerbeek is in business as usual. First test, a motion tabled this evening by the socialist Matthieu Degrez, but supported by the other opposition parties, requesting an external audit on the state of the CPAS accounts.

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