Poorcists in Latin America: Former President Ivan Duque Exposes the Threat to Democracy

2023-09-22 22:25:19

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Former President Iván Duque referred to Latin American progressive leaders as “poorcists.” His comments occurred during his participation in a forum of center-right leaders that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this Friday.

During his speech, Duque criticized the progressive leaders of the region, whom he accused of wanting to “impoverish the people.”

“They go to Chile for a week to mourn Allende and attack the Pinochet dictatorship, but a few days later they are able to go to Cuba and praise the Castro dictatorship,” said the former president at the forum of the Freedom and Democracy group.

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Although he did not mention anyone specifically, he apparently took a dig at Gustavo Petro, who recently traveled to Chile to commemorate the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende and then attended the Summit of Heads of State in Cuba.

In his statements, Duque criticized by pointing out that “we see how people who held arms against entire peoples, who were willing to take the lives of others because of their way of thinking, now like to talk about peace.” These words, it seems, would also be directed at Petro, who has a past as a former M-19 guerrilla before his participation in politics.

Duque expressed his disagreement with the position of some progressive leaders who, in his opinion, maintain an ambivalent attitude by condemning dictatorships in some countries while praising authoritarian regimes in others.

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“Democracy in Latin America is being seriously threatened by those who today present themselves as progressive, but in reality they are ‘poor’ because they want to impoverish the people of Latin America in order, by virtue of class struggle and hatred, to divide and level. his path to power and perpetuate himself in power,” said Duque.

“We cannot continue allowing the flags of ‘poverty’ called progressivism to be what is causing the destruction of Latin America,” he stated.

“We have seen the failed model of Venezuela, which has generated the largest migration crisis in Latin America, we have seen the failure of the Cuban model, where there is a people who have been silenced by repression, and we have also seen the failure of those who wanted to build ‘dictocracies’, as has been the case in Nicaragua,” said the former president.

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