Popular mineral water disappears from the shelves: Rewe and Edeka should no longer sell bottles

A price war is raging on the beverage market. Due to the large number of offers and brands, well-known manufacturers in particular find it difficult. Because sales of the sugary Coca-Cola have been declining for years, the parent company reacts with tough cuts.

Coca-Cola wants to downsize and close several locations in Germany. Almost 485 jobs will be lost according to the Group’s plans. The focus is on the production of soft drinks. The cola bottling plant in Liederbach near Frankfurt with 250 employees is scheduled to close in 2021, while a buyer is still being sought for the Sodenthaler Mineralbrunnen in Sulzbach near Aschaffenburg.

Instead of redundancies for operational reasons, employees are to be offered alternative activities in the greater Frankfurt and Karlsruhe areas. The beverage giant is planning to create 120 new jobs, as announced by Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH (CCEP) in Berlin.

Among other things, it is suspected that Coca-Cola will take off in Germany with its own coffee brand Chaqwa. Coca-Cola also wants to tackle the energy drinks business more intensely in 2021. Here, Coca-Cola previously had Coca-Cola Energy and the popular Monster brand in its portfolio through a partnership.

With a sales volume of more than 3.8 billion liters (as of 2019), CCEP GmbH is the largest German beverage company. Coca-Cola European Partners Germany employs around 7,600 people.

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