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Porsche Taycan
Solid Base

Porsche Taycan basic model 2021

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Porsche is completing its Taycan family this spring. After the more powerful versions Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, the Swabians are now adding the basic version of the electric sports car.

Last year, Porsche was able to deliver more than 20,000 Taycan models to its customers. From mid-March, the Porsche Taycan will also be available in two battery sizes with pure rear-wheel drive. The customer can choose between two power variants of 300 kW / 408 PS and 350 kW / 476 PS. Like the turbo top versions with all-wheel drive, they have to have the well-known two-story batteries in the base with 28 instead of the other 33 cell modules, each consisting of twelve individual cells and a gross energy content of 79.2 kWh. The large battery pack with 33 cells and 93.4 kWh is available on request for an extra charge of 6,521 euros. All Taycan versions have a system voltage of 800 volts. The standard consumption of the new entry-level Porsche Taycan: 28 kWh per 100 kilometers.

Together with the new base model, there are some upgrades for the Taycan series. Innovations in the electric model family are a colored head-up display and an on-board charger with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. The adaptive air suspension now has a lift function as standard. Taycan drivers can subsequently book additional comfort and assistance functions (functions on demand). They are loaded into the vehicle online and the Taycan no longer needs to go to the workshop to update. New functions are, for example, Power Steering Plus or active lane guidance.

For the 2021 model year, Porsche has upgraded the standard equipment of its Taycan models. Digital radio is now standard, as is the case with all vehicles, as there is a relevant statutory regulation. Otherwise included in the basic package: LED headlights, automatic climate control, electric partial leather seats and multifunction sports steering wheel. The basic price for the new Porsche Taycan is 83,520 euros.


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