Post-merger elections – French authorities in Blonay-Saint-Légier

French authorities in Blonay-Saint-Légier

With a turnout of 40.85%, voters have made their choice. Their new Executive will be tricolor. The azure party places 4 candidates and retains its majority, while the pink-green alliance has worked well, with 3 candidates elected out of 4. A new mix of colors which will take the reins of the new town of 12,000 inhabitants effective from 1is next january.

Focus on syndication

In the first round, they were only two of the pink-green alliance in the first 7, hence the undisguised joy of those concerned when the results were announced. “It’s a nice surprise,” Sarah Lisé is astonished. Everything is now also to be built with the elected representatives of the right. This diversity will be beneficial for the future of our municipality. ” Laura Ferilli, she is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​starting the next legislature with this trio. “We are not just three dissociated atoms, but a whole team. We have demonstrated this throughout our campaign, within this alliance we share very strong values ​​and links on which we count on building for the future of Blonay-Saint-Légier. ”

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