Posthumous Tribute to Tirso Duarte: Music and Contributions to the Musical Genre

2023-10-01 13:41:15

The body of Tirso Duarte arrives in the capital of the Valley so that a posthumous tribute can be paid to him during the afternoon of this Sunday, October 1, thanking the artist, among other reasons, for his music and contribution to the musical genre.

In a video broadcast on his Facebook account, the manager of Timpop Artistic and Cultural Foundation, Ronald Angulo Banguero, stated that “we have already received the body of Tirso Duarte for transfer to Cali; It is 11:30 at night on September 30, 2023.

He explained that already in the capital of the Valley, the singer will be moved to another coffin and ready for his arrival at the Coliseum, where a crowd of Cali followers of the Cuban artist is expected.

Tirso Duarte had been in Pasto since the morning of last Friday, September 29, when he was urgently transferred from Tumaco to be treated at a high-complexity care center for the injuries he had.

After his death was confirmed, around 5 in the afternoon of the same day, his body was sent to Forensic Medicine, where it remained until 6:00 pm on September 30 to be sent to a local funeral home in Pasto for preparation. .

This occurs after the President of the capital of Valle del Cauca also published through his social networks that “I have asked our Secretary of Security and Justice, Jimmy Dranguet, to travel to the city of Pasto to collaborate in the bringing of the body of Tirso Duarte to our city”, which will happen.

What is known about the singer’s death?

A fight that, apparently, arose inside a party in the wee hours of the morning last Friday, would have been the cause of the violent attack suffered by the Cuban timba singer, Tirso Duarte, which ended up causing his death due to serious injuries. injuries he received.

Although initially other versions of what may have happened were handled, in the last hours, the investigations of the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office allowed them to be ruled out.

The first of these versions suggests that Duarte would have been attacked after a concert. The second indicated that the violent event would have been caused by differences of a political nature.

Although it was established that Duarte had been part of the campaign of a candidate for Mayor of Tumaco, even publishing some videos with proselytizing activities on social networks, the authorities believe that these were not determinants of the crime.

The first investigations indicate that Duarte had remained in Tumaco for two weeks, where he would have carried out several artistic activities and participated in some social events.

The authorities continue the investigations to find those responsible for the death of the singer Tirso Duarte. Photo: José L Guzmán/El País/July 25-23. | Photo: José Luis Guzmán. The country

In fact, it is known that on Thursday night, the singer was at a party where he shared lively, for several hours, with people from his close circle in Tumaco.

According to the investigations collected by the investigators, Duarte, who would have ingested large amounts of alcohol, tried to approach one of the women who was part of the celebration, which unleashed a scene of jealousy with the man who accompanied this person. This would have been the origin of the fight, which was observed by the attendees of the place.

Although there is no clarity about what happened next and the circumstances that led to the brutal beating that the singer received, several witnesses have agreed that Duarte was highly intoxicated.

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