PPD unanimously approves government platform

The general Assembly of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) This afternoon unanimously approved the government program that they will adopt in case of winning the upcoming elections.

In accordance with Cyril Tirado, campaign manager of the candidate for governor, Carlos “Charlie” Delgado AltieriNearly 65% ​​of the 598 members that make up the broader body within the organizational structure of the PPD participated in the assembly, which was held virtually.

The document, about 350 pages long and available on the Delgado Altieri campaign website, “consists of four cross-cutting sections: transparent and participatory government; decentralization; (the use of) technology; and the direct fight against corruption. Corruption must be prosecuted not only because it costs money, but because of the damage it has done to Puerto Rico internationally. We must develop a culture of zero tolerance for corruption ”, mentioned the certified public accountant. Luis Cruz, of whom it was mentioned, was in charge of the preparation of the platform together with the lawyer Eileen Figueroa.

“This country project is also a social transformation because it puts the citizen at the center of that same transformation. We want to make this the four-year term of education and public health … It is a very broad project, “said Figueroa on the government platform, entitled “Country project for the second transformation of Puerto Rico”.

The platform document, in its introduction, mentions the 16 “pillars” of the “second transformation” in the following order: economic development; education, security, health, agriculture and food security, social transformation, infrastructure; environment and climate crisis; Covid-19; federal funds; art and culture; Recreation and sports; retirement; debt; Fiscal Supervision Board; and status.

Delgado Altieri, meanwhile, insisted in his speech to the General Assembly that the platform is a “living” document.

“That implies that it is not set in stone. It is aimed at evolving as situations occur and arise in the country. This document is tempered to the realities that Puerto Ricans live, especially in difficult times, ”said the outgoing mayor of Isabela, underlining that the doors are open to receive contributions from all kinds of non-governmental entities.

In his 11-page speech, Delgado Altieri stressed that the PPD is “the only option” to defeat the incumbent New Progressive Party in the elections of November 3.

“You only have to look at the window of these four years and see what we have suffered, this we have never experienced before in our history. The level of corruption that the government of the New Progressive Party has reached now, leaves the corruption of the government of Pedro Rosselló. We have to change the course, ”said Delgado Altieri.

Among the promises mentioned by the popular candidate were the repeal of the “anti-transparency laws” approved in the current four-year period, establish an anti-fraud unit and “rescue” the principle of merit in public agencies. As part of that effort, Delgado Altieri said he will prohibit the participation of agency heads in partisan political events.


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