PQube has issued a statement countering AeternoBlade developer Corecell being cheated by a publisher.

After Mr. Nopphon Wannaphensakul, Managing Director of Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd., decided to issue a statement about PQube distributorgameIn Europe, where Corecell serves as distributiongame Eternal Blade II In Europe, however, distributors do not pay the contract guarantee. Also doing this with Mojiken Studio, a development studio.gamefrom Indonesia as well Able to read full content click here

When Noppadon decided to reveal this matter to the public. It became a big news, both in the media both in Thailand and abroad, causing PQube to immediately issue a statement about this matter.

“PQube is delighted to be working with Thai contract studio Corecell on Aeternoblade II again after working together on the first and very successful project. Despite the delay and quality problemgameThat wasn’t good enough. Finally, PQube released the Aeternoblade II in October 2019.

During a meeting in January 2020, PQube attempted to contact Corecell to improve the quality of the game. To make the game sales even better, Corecell is aware of this issue and they are not fixing the game.

PQube, as a publisher, is required to pay full game guarantees. Despite the game’s poor sales and reviews. Including expanding the market to PC from a contract with Corecell in January 2020. Despite agreeing to sell PQube as a distributor, Corecell eventually brought the game to distribute on PC without any consultation.

After two years, PQube attempted to reinstate Corecell several times as requested. PQube has remained open to supporting Corecell.

During his 12 years as a game publisher, PQube has worked with numerous partners and distributed over 200 games. PQube prides itself on working with game developers big and small. from world-class franchises to indie games from this small game development studio, this is a testament to the great relationship with the many partners that have worked together.

PQube remains committed to working with our partners. We continue to develop and improve our business aspects. and provide the best service to our partners as well.”

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