Predicting Eastern Conference Rankings: Celtics on Top, Controversy Surrounds Knicks and Heat

2023-08-16 14:35:00

Original title: The US media predicts the ranking of the 15 Eastern Conference teams: the Pistons are at the bottom, the Heat are sixth, the Knicks are third, and the Philadelphia Cavaliers are third

Recently, the American media topballcentral listed a list of the Eastern Conference rankings. The more controversial points in this list are that the Celtics rank first and the Knicks actually rise to third. The Celtics kept Brown in this offseason and at the same time acquired Porzingis through a trade, but their operation of sending away Smart will make people question the Celtics’ defense in the new season hardness. As for the Knicks, their current core is Brunson and Randall. It is indeed a fantasy to expect a small guard and inside cancer to lead the team into the top three in the Eastern Conference.

In this list, the first to fifteenth in the East are the Celtics, Bucks, Knicks, Cavaliers, 76ers, Heat, Eagles, Pacers, Nets, Bulls, Raptors, Magic, Hornets, Wizards, Pistons.

The biggest controversy in this list is the Heat. As the Eastern Conference champions last year, they only ranked sixth on this list. This is indeed disrespect to them, plus this list absolutely ignores the trade rumors of the Heat and Lillard. Once Lillard is finally traded to the Heat, this team will usher in an epic level strengthening. The most hard and tough players on the two courts, Lillard has improved the team’s offensive talent, while Butler has guaranteed his team’s defensive talent and key ball hardness. Their goal next season is the NBA general manager. champion.

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The 76ers ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference in the latest forecast. This ranking is actually a bit high for them. Because judging from the information currently available, Harden will most likely leave the 76ers next season. In addition, the team’s important defensive player Tucker is very likely to be traded away with Harden. Whether the young players Max and Embiid can have a better chemical reaction on the court is still unknown, but what is certain is that with the departure of Harden and Tucker, the overall strength of the 76ers and the record of the next season will definitely improve. There will be a sharp decline.

The Wizards are the second-to-last in the East in the latest forecast. The main reason for this is that the management sent away the team’s two main scoring points, Bill and Porzingis, in this offseason. Such an operation also implies that the Wizards are likely to choose to play badly next season, so as to obtain a higher draft pick. But the penultimate prediction in the East is not to underestimate the personal abilities of Kuzma and Poole. Although Poole’s performance in the playoffs was not satisfactory, he has proved his ability on the stage of the finals. The combination of Poole and Kuzma may not be able to lead the team to the playoffs, but at least it will not fall to the penultimate ranking.Return to Sohu to see more

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