Preliminary arrest ordered against owner of Sarratea’s house and former presidential advisers

The Judicial Power (PJ) ordered the preliminary detention for a period of ten days for Second Sanchez Sanchez, owner of the house in Passage Sarretea, in Breña, the property that would have been used by the President Pedro Castillo as an alternate office to the Government Palace.

The court order also reaches Eder Vitón and Biberto Castillo Leónformer presidential advisers accused of being members of the ‘Shadow Cabinet’ ; Still Vasquez, former head of the Technical Cabinet of the Presidency; Salatiel Marrufo, former head of advisers to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; and the businessman Jenin Cabrera Fernandez.

Marrufo and Cabrera are known as ‘The Chiclayans‘, a group close to the president peter castle Among those who would have distributed works for S / 82.7 million, according to an investigation by the newspaper La República.

“Declare founded the requirement presented by the Public Ministry on preliminary judicial detention, seizure of movable property, raid, lockout and search of homes for the purpose of detention and seizure of movable property…”, reads the resolution of the National Superior Court of Special Criminal Justice.

The judge’s order Victor Zuniga Urday was made possible thanks to the request of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the corruption of power, led by the superior prosecutor Marita Barreto.

RPP News was able to learn that, so far, they have been detained Auner Vásquez, Biberto Castillo, Ever Vitón, Salatiel Marrufo and Jenin Cabrera. However, the authorities have not yet managed to find the whereabouts of Second Sanchez Sanchezowner of the house on the Sarratea passage.

In the meantime, Esther Valenzuela, a lawyer for Segundo Sánchez Sánchez, arrived at the house on the Sarratea passage at the request of the relatives of the owner of the property located in Breña. But the lawyer avoided giving statements to the media.

It is necessary to specify that the arrest requests are produced in the framework of the case ‘The shadow advisers’. The six characters are investigated for the alleged crime of criminal organization to the detriment of the State and others.

Search of offices and homes of ‘Los Niños’

The Public ministry and the special group of the National Police carry out this Tuesday a simultaneous search operation in the offices and homes of six Popular Action congressmen, known as ‘The children’investigated for the alleged crime of criminal organization.

The six Popular Action (AP) legislators are known as ‘The children’ for allegedly obeying the orders of the President Pedro Castilloaccording to the version told by the lobbyist Karelim Lopez to the Prosecutor’s Office in February of this year.

Agents from the Prosecutor’s Office and the High Complexity Crimes Investigation Division (Diviac) intervene in the parliamentary offices of populist legislators Elvis Vergara Mendoza, Ilich Fredy Lopez Ureña, Jhaec Darwin Espinoza Vargas, Jorge Luis Flores Ancachi, Juan Carlos Mori Celis, Raul Felipe Doroteo Carbajo in the Fernando Belaunde building, located in the Huallaga neighborhood of the center of Lima. The diligences in the Congress they are in charge of Senior Deputy Prosecutor Marco Huamán.

At the same time, raids are carried out on the homes of congressmen in Lima and in the interior of the country, one of them that of Elvis Vergaraspokesperson for the Popular Action caucus, in the city of Pucallpa (Ucayali).

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