Premier League Arsenal beat Leeds United 4:1, Manchester City broke Liverpool 4:1

Premier League Arsenal beat Leeds United 4:1

In the English Premier League, Arsenal and Manchester City beat their opponents respectively. Arsenal maintained an 8-point lead.

Arsenal played against Leeds United at home. In the early stage of the game, the visiting team had a better chance to score but could not grasp it. In the 35th minute of the kick, Arsenal gained 12 yards, and Gabriel Jesses scored a goal to open the record for the home team. This was his first goal since October last year. Arsenal led 1:0 in the first half.

Two minutes after switching sides, Binwait responded to Martinelli’s ground-wave cross and drew in, expanding the score. From this moment on, Arsenal was in control. In this battle, Gabriel Jesis, who replaced Bukayo Shaka, responded to Tosha’s pass in 55 minutes and scored the first time. Arsenal led by 3 goals. Leeds United was then broken by Christine Chen. In the 84th minute, Gresaka headed the net to help Arsenal secure a 4:1 victory.

Manchester City, ranked second, attacked at home and came back to beat Liverpool after falling behind by one goal. Shana took the lead for the Red Army, Manchester City relied on a beautiful organization, and Avallis scored a close goal to tie the game.

Not long after the start of the second half, the home team went down two games in a row. First, Dibney responded to Marles’ pass from the right less than a minute after changing sides and scored a go-ahead. Gendojan was in front of the goal in 53 minutes and made up for it calmly. Manchester City opened the score to 3:1. Liverpool then replaced 4 players, but they had no effect at all. Manchester City continued to dominate the situation. In 74 minutes, Dibney assisted Kialish and scored. The home team won 4:1.

In another match, Aston Villa beat Chelsea 2-0 away with the addition of Hutchins and McKenzie. Other results: Bonnymouth beat Fulham 2:1 at home; Brighton and Binford drew 3:3 at home; Crystal Palace won Leicester City 2:1 at home; Nottingham Forest and Wolves drew 1: 1.

In the standings, Arsenal has 72 points in 29 games, 8 points ahead of Manchester City, which played one game less. Liverpool ranked eighth with 42 points and Chelsea ranked eleventh with 38 points.

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