Premier League: Revealed why James was not a starter in Everton vs Leeds, reasons for Ancelotti | Premier League

In light of the events, the elaborate theories about James’ substitution at Everton in the 1-2 win against Leeds pale. No punishment, no break for Manchester United, or anything like that. It was a calculated risk from coach Carlo Ancelotti, one more winning bet that went well but could well condemn him along the way.

The ‘mystery’ was clarified by the Liverpool Echo newspaper, which explains how the Italian decided to take a high risk to ‘throw a changed’ strategy at Marcelo Bielsa, another expert in the field, who was waiting for a creative formula to combat the extremely high physical demands of their directed.

“Everton’s attacking creativity always involves (James). He scores goals, creates assists, he is involved in almost every move of his team to hurt the opponent. Leaving out a player of that caliber will always attract attention, so you have to make sure it is the right decision. Ancelotti evaluated the options available to him and trusted the form and structure above the qualities of a player, “said the outlet.

“We all knew how Leeds United was going to play. In very simple terms, they were going to be intense, they were going to put pressure across the pitch, it was going to be a high-paced match.”

For this reason, not because of the game this Saturday, due to injuries or absurd personal differences with his fetish player, the DT moved his chips in an unexpected way: “instead of James playing the role of number 10 and using his creative ability to Getting through the Leeds defense, more emphasis was placed on the defensive side. Gylfi Sigurdsson took on that role and managed to slow down Kalvin Phillips, making sure he couldn’t dictate the game like he has done all season. That defensive talent Combined with their energy it meant Everton could push up the field with Dominic Calvert-Lewin doing a lot of that heavy lifting, “the Echo explained.

“It could not have been the most creative afternoon for Richarlison or Alex Iwobi, they had similar tasks to try to interrupt Leeds from behind,” he said. That explains that after the hard-fought victory, Ancelotti commented on Sigurdsson and Calvert-Lewin, authors of the goals: “The work he did with Sigurdsson on defense was more important. We needed this kind of work from our forwards, Richarlison and Iwobi included. After that, they scored two fantastic goals and I’m happy for this, but more for the work they did on defense. “

And then, James? “Despite all the improvements that Rodríguez has shown in recent weeks, he probably would not have been at the level necessary for this game against Leeds. Often, since the Colombian’s signing, (Ancelotti) has reminded the media that he did not sign. to the creative of Real Madrid for his defensive abilities, “added the Liverpool daily.

The underlying theme is only one: it’s not James, it’s Everton. The DT is paid to manage the squad, not to make everything revolve around a single chip. And the Colombian understands it now that life and profession have shown him all the grays that exist between black and white.

“The choice of Ancelotti sets him apart from the coaches of the past. Others may have tried to fit their best players into any formation, in turn damaging the true structure of the team and their chances of winning. However, Ancelotti looks beyond the limits. qualities of the individual. It’s about the collective, how can Everton win this particular soccer game? On Wednesday, the answer didn’t include James Rodriguez, and that’s perfectly fine. The player himself will undoubtedly understand exactly why “. It is worthwhile that, on this side of the world, we also do this course.


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