“Premier League Roundup: Liverpool Triumphs over Tottenham in Thriller, Manchester City Secure Top Spot with Win Over Fulham”

2023-05-01 05:40:08

Original title: Premier League Comprehensive: Liverpool lore Tottenham Manchester City beat Fulham

In the Premier League game on the 30th, although Liverpool, which had a three-goal lead in the opening 15 minutes, was about to end in a draw, they still beat Tottenham 4:3 with Jota’s stoppage time lore; Manchester City defeated Fulham 2:1 away, In the case of one game less, the points surpassed Arsenal, and took the top spot in the Premier League by 1 point.

Liverpool, who played at home, achieved a perfect start to the day. Only 3 minutes into the game, Arnold made a diagonal pass from the right to find Jones at the back post, who made a push to rewrite the score to 1:0. Two minutes later, Jakebo broke into the penalty area and made a pass from the bottom of the right. Dias, who had returned from injury, followed up and scored, and the score became 2:0. After that, Gakpo was brought down by Romero in the penalty area, and Salah made a penalty kick. Just 15 minutes into the game, Liverpool was leading 3-0.

However, in the last round, Tottenham, which scored two goals in a row to draw with Manchester United 2:2, once again presented a wonderful point-chasing performance. In the 39th minute, Kane volleyed and broke the net. In the 77th minute, Sun Xingmin successfully made a low shot against offside after receiving a long pass from Romero. In the third minute of stoppage time, Richarlison scored with a header, and Liverpool seemed to be falling short.

However, only one minute later, Jota took advantage of Tottenham’s return pass error to enter the penalty area and hit a low shot from the far corner on the left, ensuring that Liverpool finally scored all 3 points. Liverpool rose to fifth in the rankings, but are still seven points behind their opponents after playing one more game than fourth-placed Manchester United.

On the same day, Manchester City, which beat Arsenal 4:1 in the last round of the “Battle of Tianwangshan”, visited London, but the midfielder De Bruyne was absent due to injury. As soon as the game started, Argentine star Alvarez was brought down by the Fulham defender in the penalty area, and Haaland made a penalty kick. Although the home team relied on Vinicius’ volley to equalize the score in the 15th minute, Alvarez evaded multiple double-team defenses at the front of the penalty area in the 36th minute and blasted a “world wave” goal. Since then, if Fulham goalkeeper Leno has not performed well and resolved the wonderful attacks of Gundogan, Harland and Alvarez, Manchester City is likely to win with a bigger score.

The victory moved City, who have 76 points from 32 rounds, overtake long-time leaders Arsenal for the first time since mid-February. Coach Guardiola said: “We know the significance of today’s game. Next we will have two consecutive home games. We will take it step by step and play game by game. The best mentality is to accept that the opponent cannot lose too many points.” Reality.”

In addition, Bournemouth sent away Leeds United 4:1, Manchester United beat Aston Villa 1:0, and Newcastle United defeated Southampton 3:1. (Zhang Wei)

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