PREMIER LEAGUE | United | Marcus Rashford, a Ronaldo-like player? “He has the potential”

He is on fire. Absolutely irresistible. Simply unstoppable. We are not talking about Erling Haaland for once, but about another striker who is plaguing Manchester. And he is not at City, but at United. This is of course Marcus Rashford. The 25-year-old Englishman has continued to shine since the start of this year 2023. He has even become a serial scorer and seduces the whole Kingdom for his remarkable performances. “No one can stop Marcus Rashford when he’s like this, it changes the game“, summed up Frank Lampard, Everton manager after his team’s defeat in early January (3-1).

This metamorphosis is illustrated in particular by the figures. Because since his return from Qatar where he scored three times despite his replacement status with the Three Lions, Marcus Rashford is on cloud nine. Already valuable in the first part of the season with his goals against Liverpool, Arsenal and Nicosia, the number 10 of the Red Devils has become insatiable. In seven matches, he scored eight times to become the first player to find the fault in seven consecutive meetings with Manchester United since… Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008. And he now has 16 goals in 26 outings in all competitions this season.

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L’impact de Ten Hag

Aligned regularly on one side but also in the axis, Marcus Rashford is one of the reasons for the revival of the Red Devils. If Man. U. are in fourth place, one point behind neighbors City since winning the derby on Saturday (2-1), their impact has had something to do with it, as has Casemiro’s crucial reinforcement at the heart of the game.”His stats are fantastic“, launches the former legend of Manchester Paul Scholes on BT Sports. But then how to explain this mutation to find the foreground?

If the talent of Marcus Rashford has been known for a long time, the Englishman has had two complicated last exercises, in particular his 2021-2022 season ended with four small goals in the Premier League. But the arrival of Erik ten Hag on the Manchester bench seems to have done him a world of good. His coach trusts him but he does not hesitate to be demanding with him either, like his relegation to the bench against Wolverhampton at the end of December for disciplinary reasons. “The new coach helped him. He imposes more discipline on him as we saw against Wolves“, remarque Scholes.

He looks like the oldest kid in the playground

This transformation is also explained on the physical level. If he has had a few glitches in recent weeks, Rashford is sharp, as rarely. And it shows. “He almost looks bigger, stronger, more powerful, almost in Cristiano’s mold“, remarks Scholes again.”He looks like a different ‘beast’completes former Mancunian defender Rio Ferdinand still on BT Sport. He becomes a man. I think he looks like the oldest kid in the playground right now. This is proof of the work done behind the scenes“.

In legs and in full confidence, Marcus Rashford thus becomes clinical. And stands out as the number 1 weapon of the Red Devils in front of goal currently. Enough to stir up the desire of the Mancunian leaders to activate to extend it when his contract ends in June 2024 and PSG is eyeing him. Well aware that it would be regrettable to let this version of Marcus Rashford slip away. “He has become a game-winning player. Not like Cristiano – it’s still too early for that – but I think he has the potential for it“, concludes Paul Scholes.

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