Premier League Women’s Football: Arsenal Breaks Attendance Record in London Derby Win

2023-12-11 09:22:30

The women’s football team’s first game in the Premier League broke the attendance record and followed the men’s football team! (Alex Burstow via Getty Images)

[Now Sports]Arsenal Women faced Chelsea Women at home on Sunday in the first-place match and won 4:1. The game broke the attendance record of the Premier League women’s football team and was close to the highlight of Tottenham’s men’s Premier League match against Newcastle on the same day. On Sunday in the Women’s Premier League, Arsenal played the London Derby with Chelsea at home, attracting a total of 59,042 people to watch the game. It can be seen that the charm of women’s football is unstoppable and the momentum is still rising. This number is nearly 5,000 more than the old record of 54,115. The old record also appeared at the home of Arsenal Women’s football team, which was this season’s home game against Liverpool Women’s Football Team. The men’s Premier League match between Tottenham and Newcastle on the same day had an attendance of 61,171.

Vanney, Chief Executive of Arsenal Women’s Football Team, said: “The performance of people’s support for the women’s team is obvious to all and is exciting. The number of admissions to the Women’s Premier League this season continues to increase, coupled with the upward ratings, it is a boost for the overall development, and we will also accelerate Promote the sustainable development of women’s football.”

The Arsenal women’s football team won the game 4:1 in the end. Now they have the same 22 points in 9 games as the top Chelsea women’s football team. The latter only leads with better goals and losses. Arsenal Women’s Football Team will beat Tottenham Women’s Football Team in the English Football Cup next time. The team will face Manchester United Women’s Football Team at home in February. About 25,000 tickets have been pre-sold so far, and the popularity is extraordinary.

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