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It’s been a while since we’ve had a cold snap like this, so there are a number of things to keep in mind, like having emergency items inside your car in case something goes wrong.

A quick but very cold gust is approaching. It will be two days, but it is forcing the city of Boston to activate its emergency cold weather plan. All Boston Centers for Youth and Families locations throughout the city will act as warming centers during their regular hours on Friday and Saturday.

The MBTA plans to store subway trains in tunnels after the end of service Friday night to protect them against the cold and is delaying a previously scheduled suspension of Orange Line service between Ruggles and North Station. And MassDOT said it decided not to close the Sumner Tunnel this weekend because it will be too cold to complete the work it had planned.

Flight delays are also possible at Logan Airport and Worcester Regional Airport due to extreme cold, MassDOT said.

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey said she will use her authority on a case-by-case basis to keep South Station open through the cold snap, Friday night and Saturday night.

“We have been in close contact with local leaders and service providers to make sure people are being cared for during extreme weather, including having providers available to offer transportation to the shelter for those who want it, as well as other resources.” he said in a written statement. “We encourage anyone who needs a place to stay to accept this offer and spend the night in a warm and safe shelter rather than at the station.”

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is also asking people to control the most vulnerable.

And if you’re out and about, wear several layers of loose-fitting clothing, a hat, scarf, and something to cover your face or any other exposed skin.

There are also things you can do inside to prepare.

If you lose power or have poor insulation, turn on the faucet so that the water drips out. It will help prevent freezing of pipes. Set your thermostat to at least 65 degrees, insulate your pipes, and seal your windows.

And don’t forget your car.

“You really want to make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your vehicle safe,” AAA Northeast’s Mary Maguire told us.

That means making sure you have an emergency kit with a blanket, first aid supplies, a flashlight, water, snacks, and charging cables. Also make sure you have windshield washer fluid, your tires are properly inflated, and check your car battery now before the real cold hits.

AAA said they expect a lot of dead battery calls this weekend.

“When temperatures drop below freezing, as they are expected to on Saturday, it loses more than half its power,” Maguire said.

So how do you know if your battery is okay? Well, if it’s over five years old, the experts say take it in for testing.

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