Preparing for Back to School: Tips, Stories, and Family Adventures

2023-10-15 23:40:32

It’s back to school for the little ones! The day before the big day, Hillary and Giovanni show Matteo and Milo around the school so they can start acclimatizing. In Dubai, Julia prepares Luna, her daughter, for her first day of first grade. The mother takes the opportunity to do her hair before accompanying her to school as a family with Vittorio and Maxime. Sarah Machet takes her first singing lesson before doing an escape game with Benjamin and Damian. In the south of France, Sarah Lopez does the 4-month medical check-up for her daughter, Aaliyah, who will soon have to change her diet, an opportunity for the mother to go to the market to do some shopping. Finally, Jesta and Benoît go cycling as a family. Very disturbed for some time, the couple can’t wait for Juliann to return to school. Moms & Famous Season 09 Episode 36.

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