President Mnangagwa is acting like Mugabe

EIt was as if Zimbabwe’s long-term dictator Robert Mugabe, who died almost a year ago, was speaking from the afterlife. “The bad apples that threaten to split our country are being washed away,” Emmerson Mnangagwa railed on state television last Tuesday. There are “dark powers” ​​operating in the country who are trying to “destabilize” Zimbabwe and are in league with foreign forces. It is now important to stamp them out. “Enough is enough.” Security forces would “do their duty with the appropriate sharpness and determination.” Mnangagwa’s predecessor in the office of president was known for such tirades.

Thilo Thielke

Freelance Rapporteur for Africa based in Cape Town.

By the dark foreign forces, 77-year-old Mnangagwa probably meant the United States. Along with the former British colonial power, they were among the favorite enemies of the Harare government during Mugabe’s rule, which lasted 37 years. Just recently, Patrick Chinamasa, spokesman for the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF), which has ruled uninterrupted since independence, said that the American ambassador Brian Nichols was trying to “work with a group of gangsters to trigger and finance riots, violence to coordinate and train rebels ”. In short: the diplomat is “a rascal”.


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