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The President of the Council of Cartagena , Gloria Estrada, broke the silence, in the middle of the preliminary hearings for the imputation of charges and the request for an insurance measure who come against her after being captured in a vehicle in which a kilogram of cocaine was found, about eight million pesos in cash and a firearm.

Estrada reported that on the day of the capture he had come from performing administrative functions in the District Council, which was unaware of the existence of the substance that was found in the vehicle. and that she boarded this car, which is not her property, and that it was driven by her boyfriend, Martín Barreto, to take a “chance” to his house, where he was going to have lunch.

“I get into the vehicle, from there we go to our house to have lunch, we go down to Puente Román and park at a gas station, where Mr. Avelino was going to pick up his car (…) He moved me from the Council and approximately two minutes later when we were at the Manga Pump, the policemen approached us, they told us to get out of the vehicle and told us to identify ourselves. I identified myself as Gloria Estrada and presented my card,” he said in the middle of his statement.

In his story, The councilor assured that from the position in which she was in the vehicle, co-pilot position, she had no way of noticing the presence of the “alleged substance”.

“The gentlemen (policemen) they began to search the vehicle doing their chores, and they found out that there was a hallucinogenic substance, saying that it was there, but at that time no one was present (…) I had no knowledge of that substance, how could I see that there was a package under a driver’s seat, that would be logically impossible, “he said.

For its part, Estrada’s defense attorney, Juan Royero, pointed out that the Prosecutor’s Office did not prove in any way why Estrada was aware of the existence of the drug in a vehicle that is not his property., let alone why he had to know about the existence of a drug under a seat.

The defender also said that in this process there is no crime connected with his political activity, and what exists is sensationalism around the case.

Regarding the request for an intramural security measure requested by the Prosecutor’s Office, The lawyer pointed out that there are no reasons to infer that Estrada will not appear from freedom before a possible trial, or that he would leave the country., because she has enough roots in Cartagena with a political position, and also being the mother of a child with autism who receives treatment in the city.

At the end of his intervention, the lawyer requested the 18th municipal criminal judge with the function of guarantee control, that in the absence of evidence against him, refrain from any security measure to the accused.

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