‘President of the NBTC’ said!! SAT, if not returning 600 million, must cancel the MOU with ‘True’

‘President of the NBTC’ pointed out that the SAT channel, if it did not return 600 million, had to cancel the MOU and ‘True’ revealed, ‘At that time, the SAT came in great despair that there was no money to broadcast football. word But to this day, the SAT has not complied with any agreement.

Clinical Professor Dr. Saran Boonbaichaipruek, M.D. Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission television business and the National Telecommunications Commission (Chairman of the NBTC) revealing the case of the meeting NBTC special meeting on December 8, 2022, a resolution of 6 to 0 notified administrative orders to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) Recall the amount of 600 million baht.

with money from the research and development fund for broadcasting, television and telecommunications for the public interest (PAT.) to pay for the purchase of the rights to broadcast the matches.world cup Year 2022 (final round) in full within 15 days after receiving the said notification. with default interest at the rate of 5% per year (if any) due toIllegal must carry In order to watch the live broadcast of the match thoroughly, but at this time, IPTV subscription television systems cannot be viewed as

It is a consensus for SAT to proceed according to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the NBTC and SAT that aims to allow the public to join the underprivileged. Watch and access live matches. which must cover broadcasting through the broadcasting business or all types of television businesses under the supervision of the NBTC or the Office of the NBTC

“At that time, SAT came with great despair that there was no money to broadcast the World Cup. But to this day, the SAT has not complied with any agreement.

Clinical Professor Dr. Saran said that SAT has always confirmed that understand and will comply with the MOU between the NBTC and the SAT that clearly states The live broadcast of the competition must be carried out according to the must-carry rules, so the NBTC meeting resolved to approve a 600 million baht subsidy to be used as the initial funding. and enough to buy the rights, but until now When the SAT broke the agreement because the public was unable to watch and access the live broadcast of the competition thoroughly, the NBTC had to refund the money. which has already sent the letter to SAT In the meantime, the SAT must be given an opportunity to review and will invite them to discuss together again.

“I don’t know where SAT will return the money. Because if there was money, it would not have come to ask for support from the NBTC, but asked for a fight in the administrative court. is just one option which will be considered if SAT does not return the money within 15 days or if SAT cancels the MOU made with True on November 19 and allows the public to watch the World Cup thoroughly SAT has the right not to refund and is one way to solve this problem, ”said Clinical Professor Dr. Saran and said.

Chairman of the NBTC board. indicate that NBTC is a regulatory organization. But unable to intervene in the MOU between SAT and True, who views that the aforementioned problem This is because the two MOUs have different laws. Between the Must Carry Rule and the Copyright Law

Therefore, what is more important must be weighed. However, it cannot violate the court’s order. which admitted to being troubled And there will be further consultation with the Office of the Attorney General, with the NBTC viewing that the Must Carry Rule has weight and should be followed. and I sincerely hope that world cup final match Thai people will be able to watch on all platforms. And after the race, the must-carry rules must be reviewed. to prevent problems that may occur in the future It’s too early to say cancel now.

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