President Senghor reframes Le Graët!

«The racist phenomenon in sport, and in football in particular, does not exist or hardly exists.“By pronouncing these completely lunar remarks, the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, triggered a big controversy. In France, and even beyond. President of the Senegalese Federation (FSF), Augustin Senghor took up his pen to address a response to the leader in a column published on the site Gorée News.

«Honorable Mr. Noël Le Graët, suffer that the humble (and perhaps insignificant) President of a Football Federation of which many native nationals play in your stadiums contradict you!», Began the Senegalese. “Racism is a 100% reality in world sport in general and in football in particular because the unacceptable cannot be listed on a scale of proportionality and percentage. Racism is unacceptable in its entirety, there is neither 1% nor 30% and there is no half-racism“, Senghor first recalled before contradicting the arguments put forward by Le Graët.

«And it is in your words that I am going to seek my arguments of contradiction because you say nothing less that the blacks must consider themselves happy to raise the stands of your stadiums (logically filled with a predominantly white public, a honor for them) every time they score goals. In your eyes, this seems to compensate sufficiently or even largely for the acts of racism that are taking place in the stadiums. So saying, on the contrary, you condemn these black players to the perpetual exploit to find favor in the eyes of this ‘standing stadium’ and to be treated as the equal of other players on the field while celebrating a goal. But beware of this poor black if in the next action, he misses an assist, a goal or causes a penalty! The standing or seated stadium will then have the right to send him his bananas, to ‘ape’ him to remind him of the ‘dirty color’ of his skin. What is spared to other players», Denounced the lawyer who believes that Le Graët voluntarily closes his eyes.

«Every day, on stadiums around the world or in front of our screens, we witness this sad spectacle and speeches such as the one given by Monsieur Le Graët, a football leader whose voice counts, are unfortunately to inform us that racism in sport and especially in football has a bright future ahead of it. I remain convinced that if we put the same energy and the same rigor in finding the solution to these facts of racism (after having accepted their existence) as those which made it possible to create the VAR to track down certain gambling facts that , formerly, escaped the referees and match officials, racism would not be reduced to the rate of 1% idealized by Mr. Le Graët; it would simply disappear from our stadiums. In the meantime, racism is there in our stadiums, standing or sitting in the stands, moving on the lawn, in the corridors leading to the locker rooms and is obvious, even of those who have taken the decision to close them so as not to see anything.», Tackled the leader. A real rant!

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