Prevent Stroke and Prolong Life: The Powerful Impact of Regular Tea Drinking

2024-02-22 07:05:56

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    The foods and drinks you consume have an impact on your risk of stroke. Drink tea regularly to prevent it.

    To protect yourself from a stroke, you should take a look at your lifestyle and habits. Because according to the German Stroke Help Foundation you can influence your own risk of stroke. For example, it is recommended to exercise more often, drink alcohol only in moderation, stop smoking and, if you are overweight, lose weight. You should also drink tea regularly, as this can also minimize the risk of a stroke.

    Prevent stroke and prolong life: Drink tea three times a week

    Regular tea drinkers have a lower risk of stroke. © Winter/IMAGO

    • Drinking tea regularly, especially green tea, can, according to an article in the specialist magazine European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published Study with over 100,000 participants from China to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and various causes of death.
    • The researchers divided the participants they studied over a seven-year period into two groups: regular tea drinkers (at least three times a week) and irregular tea drinkers. Based on the results, the scientists were able to identify certain effects.
    • Regular tea drinkers ultimately showed a 20 percent lower chance of incident heart disease and stroke compared to those who rarely drank tea.
    • Regular tea drinkers were 22 percent less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke.
    • The death rate in the group of regular tea drinkers was 15 percent lower compared to the control group.
    • The positive health effects were more pronounced for green tea than for black tea because green tea contains more health-promoting polyphenols.
    • Tea leaves contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and therefore help prevent disease.
    • The study suggests that regular tea drinking can prolong life and estimates that regular tea drinkers have a longer life expectancy.
    • However, the results could be influenced by different tea drinking habits and consumption of other flavonoid-rich foods or drinks in different regions.
    • It is noted that the health benefits of tea may be different in the Western world, as black tea is more popular here and is often consumed with milk and sugar.

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