Preventing and Managing Gastritis to Avoid Stomach Cancer: Expert Solutions Revealed on EBS <귀하신 몸>

2024-01-13 06:58:44


[한국강사신문 정헌희 기자] Today, Saturday the 13th, 9:45 PM EBS <귀하신 몸>The episode ‘How to manage indigestion and gastritis that lead to cancer’ will be broadcast. EBS <귀하신 몸>is a new concept medical broadcast where Korea’s top health experts gather to present customized solutions such as medical diagnosis, exercise, and diet.

△ Gastritis, a ‘cold in the stomach’, is thought to be a minor disease and is neglected, leading to stomach cancer!

Food paradise, Korea. Due to the unique spicy and salty food culture, the number of gastritis patients in Korea remains at around 5 million every year. One in 10 people suffers from gastritis. However, if you ignore it and think it is a familiar disease, you may lose the pleasure of eating forever. If inflammation persists for a long time, symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion persist and the function of the stomach deteriorates. If left untreated for a long period of time, the chance of developing stomach cancer increases.

Early prevention and management before it becomes an irreversible condition can be used to maintain stomach health. In Episode 35, ‘Indigestion that leads to cancer, how to manage gastritis’, we reveal a ‘solution to overcome gastritis’ that helps participants who experience discomfort in their daily lives due to chronic gastritis regain the joy of eating and stomach health through lifestyle changes.

△ Youngbeom has suffered from chronic indigestion due to gastritis for 30 years. Can we regain the joy of eating?

Youngbeom (66 years old) has suffered from chronic gastritis since his 30s. In my 40s, I was diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia, in which the stomach mucosa changes into intestinal epithelial cells. After his retirement, he worked hard to take care of his health, but his digestive function deteriorated further. Even if he ate just a little, he felt stuffy and nauseous, and his appetite disappeared. He has indigestion. He has been underweight for over 5 years and his weight has become another concern. Will Youngbeom be able to regain the joy of eating and escape the discomforts of everyday life?

△ Break the link to stomach cancer! A solution that has never been seen before to combat ‘gastritis’ revealed!

Professor Jo Yu-kyung of the Department of Gastroenterology (Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital) told patients with chronic gastritis who are worried about stomach cancer that stomach cancer is also preventable. The progression of gastritis can be stopped through diet and lifestyle management that avoids risk factors for stomach cancer. <귀하신 몸>will reveal new concept stretching exercises and breathing techniques that help stomach movement and digestion. Professor Yang Eun-joo of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine also revealed the secret of gastrointestinal exercise methods that vary depending on the time of day after a meal.

Professor Jo Yoo-kyung of the Department of Gastroenterology, Professor Eun-joo Yang of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, and clinical nutritionist Ji-eun Lee. <귀하신 몸> The three main characters managed gastritis through customized solutions from three top experts! Will they be able to improve their symptoms and regain the joy of life? The surprising change that occurred in two weeks was broadcast on EBS at 9:45 pm on the 13th (Sat). <귀하신 몸> You can check it out in the ‘How to manage indigestion and gastritis that lead to cancer’.

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