Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases: Tips and Information for Women’s Heart Health in Polynesia

2024-04-21 23:54:00

To raise public awareness of the importance of preventing cardiovascular diseases, the Soroptimist International Club of Tahiti organized an information day this Saturday at the Polynesian Assembly. (Credit: TNTV)

Every year, 450 Polynesians are admitted to the CHPF emergency department for stroke. Alcohol, tobacco, hypertension, diabetes and a sedentary lifestyle are the most important risk factors.

And 50% of these patients are women, which worries the medical profession, especially since the average age is 10 years lower than in France. ” Stroke is one of the cardiovascular diseases. It is the arteries in the brain that are affected. Some causes are cardiac, so blood clots can come from the heart and go to the brain. Other causes are rather blockage of the arteries in the neck. But it comes down to the same thing. These are the same risk factors and this is what we must fight against today », explains the doctor, Louise Watrin, neurologist.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women worldwide. They apply to women aged 70 on average, but also sometimes much younger in Polynesia. CHPF studies show a peak around age 35. However, it is possible to reduce risk factors.

« It is very important to know the causes in order to avoid them.” emphasizes Naja Charreard,: the coordinator of the campaign “I act for my woman’s heart”, ” we want women to be able to take responsibility for their health ».

Anthony Salmon, president of the Polynésie AVC association, supports this day. In 2014, he himself was stricken with a serious illness, most likely due to stress. ” We found that out afterwards. I had high blood pressure, 22 blood pressure », he testifies.

Cardiologists, angiologists and neurologists hosted conference debates to answer audience questions and advise them on heart care.

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