“Preventing Dementia: Understanding Resilience and the Benefits of Multivitamins and Cocoa Extract”

2023-05-06 23:08:00

that dementia Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or another brand name They are toxic proteins, twist, and disrupt the associative functions of different parts of the brain. Brain cells work variably until death, whereby the cells responsible for destroying waste Instead, it creates excessive inflammation that causes further damage to the brain.

However, even if the disease has already occurred by brain computation in combination with nuclear medicine, MRI/PET scan or abnormal protein detection from cerebrospinal fluid puncture Until the current test that can be detected from blood

Although it was found that the disease had already erupted. But that doesn’t mean The symptoms of these diseases will always appear. Can still look like a normal person.

which we call resilience, which the doctor himself likes to give an example When women or men, it’s up to Botox, fillers to remove wrinkles and make the face firm. It is to make it beautiful and eventually the true appearance will gradually appear.

which is different from having resistance That is, being born with a random fate of Alzheimer’s with a bad gene and also a factor that promotes inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. Both belly fat, diabetes, blood pressure, fat, but the brain is still good. People around you don’t know

Upon death, brain biopsy revealed no dementia pathology. which the defensive line looks like this It is the wish of the world that In case you can release yourself, eat delicious food, eat everything in the way. do not exercise

But alas, the protection system measures that It is not known for sure what it is, but it may have a highly effective system for dissolving inflammation in the body. pro-resolving mediators and some protein systems and will be related to “happiness” How much or how, has not been clearly proven. Although there are sporadic reports that people are both fat, drinking, and sitting idly. but surrounded by friends who are sincere and know when they die open blood vessels The brain was not found to have dementia pathology.

At this point, don’t take it as a norm in your life. Considered to be a full part of life by having to practice good food and health. exercise and must be happy in life which has always been emphasized That is saving lives.

Coming back to the story that has been exciting for a while now is It has been reported that the use of multivitamins with cocoa extract makes the brain good. COSMOS-MIND or COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study for the Mind

The study was initially a three-year follow-up. and found that the functions of the brain, concentration, perception, memory Better decision-making at work As a result of the multivitamin rather than from the cocoa extract. The multivitamin formulations used in this study were commonly used brands such as: Centrum silver. Pfizer consumer health care. now Haleon and cocoa extract cocoa extract (Mars Edge) Contains cocoa Flavonols 500 80 mg of (-)-epicatechin and approximately 50 mg of theobromine.

The population included in this subsequent study, totaling 2,262, was from the first cohort mentioned above. But the aim of the study was whether it could delay or prevent dementia from appearing. When following up to the end of three years

by those who participated in the study Must not have a history of blocked arteries or paralysis, heart attack, heart surgery or stent placement, and no history of cancer. No other serious health conditions and have never consumed cocoa or multivitamins before and are not allergic to cocoa or coffee They were over 65 years old and were certainly not diabetic. They had not participated in any studies that used vitamin D. and omega-3 fish oil

on the track until the end of three years It was found that dementia was actually detected at a slight level. mild cognitive impairment 110 cases and dementia in 14 cases, and the incidence of such dementia was not different in the multivitamin group or cocoa extract group.

but when comparing the scores on the test The cost of brain or cognitive as a whole. It was found that the multivitamin group appeared to be taxed better than the non-multivitamin group. including executive function and deterioration in brain function in the multivitamin group. compared to the previous year Seem to be less than in the non-multivitamin group. The results of this study show that multivitamin intake and cocoa extract did not reduce the risk of dementia symptoms during the three-year follow-up period. But it still seems to help support the brain to function brightly, comparable to the resilience that I learned in the beginning.

It is likely to represent the current prevalent dementia drugs that stimulate the brain alone to be highly active and may have the effect of premature depletion of brain cells and a shorter lifespan.

For Thai people, there may not be any need for supplementation with the different brands of vitamins presented in this study.

However, the consumption of healthy food that we have come to mind is vegetables, fruits, half a kilo of fiber per day, some chicken, some meat, no fish, beans, but less starch, and exercise, this will get everything in its entirety. And it’s been proven to delay the risk of developing dementia symptoms. Mechanisms against the dementia process have also been proven.

It may be possible that Natural foods contain a greater variety of ingredients than would be possible from any single extract and act synergistically across the herd. And it’s easier, isn’t it, plus you don’t have to spend more money as well.

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