Preventing the West Nile Virus and Bedbug Outbreak: Minster of Health’s Working Session Review

2023-10-05 10:46:56


The Minister of Health, Ali Mrabet, chaired yesterday, Wednesday October 4, a working session of the steering committee of the early warning system, linked to the West Nile Virus, which brings together different ministries and organizations concerned with screening of said virus.

The session made it possible to review the epidemiological situation of the West Nile Virus, of which our country has not recorded cases, in addition to the preparations of the various ministries and agencies, in their anticipatory plans for observation and prevention of the virus. appearance of this epidemic, while limiting its possible impact, reports, in substance, the Ministry of Health in a press release.

West Nile Virus is an arbovirus mainly transmitted by mosquitoes that can cause neurological damage.

In doing so, the meeting focused on prevention and surveillance measures regarding the insect, “bedbugs”, which has recently appeared in a number of countries.

Ali Mrabet affirmed the importance of coordination between all stakeholders, to ensure the success of screening, surveillance and treatment measures against viruses in general, and what occurs in certain countries, with the appearance of diseases linked to mosquito vectors, in particular.

The minister affirmed the role of the citizen in virus prevention, in particular through healthy behavior and lifestyle, and through the preservation of the environment.

He highlighted the role of the members of the steering committee and all the ministries concerned in supporting prevention efforts and combating diseases linked to said vectors.

The Ministry of Health yesterday called on citizens to take measures to protect against bedbugsand reassures that this insect is not currently present in our country, given the increase in cases in certain European countries, particularly in France which is facing a real epidemic.


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