Preview 4: While waiting for its imminent launch, a fundamental agreement has already been signed

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation is finalizing details to launch the Previaje 4 shortly, and one of the fundamental issues that were expected was the signing of the price agreements for the accommodation services with the hotel chambers, as well as the reference prices for the tourist packages that the travel agencies will offer.

Previaje is a tourist pre-sale program that refunds 50% of the value of a tripto travel to all destinations in Argentina.

Pre-trip 4: everything that is known so far about the tourism promotion program

It is worth remembering that in its first three editionsthis tourism promotion initiative was used by six million people, with a injection close to $200 billion for regional economies.

In the last few hours Matías Lammens, The head of the Tourism portfolio signed agreements for maximum rates for accommodation services with hotel chambers and another with reference prices for tourist packages offered by travel agencies.

The list will be uploaded on the program website from the start of the fourth stage of the program of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, as indicated by the official agency Télam.

In order to control that the established conditions are met, the Secretary of Commerce will inspect the accommodations and it was determined that those who fail to comply will be sanctioned.

Present at the meeting were the undersecretary for Tourism Promotion and New Products of the national ministry, Lisandro Pérez Losinno, and the head of the Advisory Cabinet Unit, Geraldine Oniszczuk.

Previaje 4: How to use it, how much it refunds and which are the most chosen destinations

Gustavo Hani (CAT) was present for the private part; Rafael Miranda and Florencia Landivar (Fehgra); Andrés Deya (Faevyt), Roberto Amengual (AHT) and Daniel Prieto (AHRCC).

What will the third edition of the Pre-Travel be like?

How to use the Previaje

  • The first step is Find a service provider who is enrolled in the program.
  • then it should registerthrough the application my argentina.
  • Once this is done, the trip must be created indicating each of the requested data (origin of the trip, destination, date of departure and return, and personal data).
  • As a next step, we proceed to buy the tickets or whatever package is purchased, the invoices or receipts must be uploaded to the created trip.
  • The receipts must go through online validation and later the credit will appear in the account, and the credit can be used in future purchases of trips or services throughout the country’s tourism chain. Once the purchase of tickets, lodging or package has been made, the invoices or vouchers must be uploaded to the created trip.

It is worth remembering that oara register in previous trip you need to access the account my argentina.

There you enter with the CUIL number and password. Personal data must be provided (name, surname, ID, etc.).


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