Price of the dollar in Peru during the morning of today, Wednesday, May 25

Today, during the morning of this Wednesday May 25the dollar in Peru It presents a price of S/ 3,704 at the interbank level.

It is exchange rate was reported in yesterday’s exchange session, when the US currency fell around 0.35% in the Peruvian market.

This indicates that last day the price of the greenback registered its fourth consecutive session lower.

For now the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) estimates that so far in 2022 the price of the dollar has fallen a total of 7.19% compared to what was reported at the end of 2021.

dollar trend

The agency reported that yesterday the currencies of Latin America closed with a mixed trend, despite a global fall in the dollar.

As they specified, this trend occurs as a result of volatility due to the uncertainty of agents in the face of a negative external outlook when central banks try to control the growing inflation.

“The fears of a global recession and that also puts pressure on Latin American stocks,” said Alexander Londoño, market analyst at ActivTrades.

For his part, the dollar hit a one-month low after data showed US business activity slowed in May, with demand cooled by high prices.

Dollar price for buying and selling

The latest report from the platform indicates that in moneychangers the dollar the dollar is bought at S/ 3.685 and sold at S/ 3.73 on average.

Furthermore, it is estimated that on average digital exchange houses the green ticket is bought at S/ 3.69 and is sold at about S/ 3.72.

Remember that the dollar price It still does not present any change today, but the price will begin to vary as soon as the day begins at approximately 9:00 am.

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