Princess Mako of Japan once again postpones marriage to commoner

Princess Mako of Japan has once again postponed her wedding. This is what was communicated this weekend by the Imperial Palace of Japan. The young woman who will be stripped of her royal status when she marries her boyfriend “commoner” made the rather unexpected announcement. The nuptials were due to take place in 2020.

When announcing her engagement 3 years ago, the 28-year-old Princess Mako, who studied in Edinburgh, Dublin and Leicester, knew she was forced to give up her Imperial title in order to marry her longtime boyfriend Kei Komuro, a “commoner” whom she met in college in 2013.

“It’s hard to say anything about our future plans”

To justify this new postponement, the Japanese princess explained in a stunning statement that although the couple are “irreplaceable for each other”, there is still no “concrete plan”‘for a possible marriage and that it is difficult to say “anything about the future” for the time being.

“For us, a marriage is a necessary choice to live and honor our hearts”Mako said in a statement released Friday by the Imperial Household Agency.

“We are irreplaceable to each other and we can count on each other in happy times and in unhappy times. It is difficult to say anything concrete about our future plans and projects. others for now. “

Japanese imperial law requires a princess to leave the royal family after marrying a commoner.

Princess Mako’s aunt, Princess Sayako, is the last member of the royal family to be stripped of her status when she married a Tokyo city official in 2005.

A financial dispute

Princess Mako announced her intention to marry Mr. Komuro, who works at a law firm, in 2017. Shortly after, it was announced that the couple would marry in November 2018.

The wedding was then postponed until 2020, with an official statement saying the couple needed more time to plan the event.

However, information has since emerged in the press suggesting that Mr Komuro’s family are involved in a financial dispute that his future in-laws disapprove of.

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