Prithviraj loses interest in Navya, Dhyan Srinivasan with ‘revelation’ -Video | vineeth sreenivasan and dhyan sreenivasan interview throwback video viral

Although Kerala has witnessed various ‘revelations’, this will be the first of its kind. If the usual revelations are shocking, this is ridiculous revelations. Dhyan Sreenivasan, the son of Sreenivasan, is the beloved actor and writer of the Malayalees who became the protagonist. Dhyan is now an actor, screenwriter and director. Excerpts from their family interview went viral on social media. Sreenivasan, his wife and eldest son Vineet and Dhyan are in the scene. What makes people laugh is what meditation says in it.

Dhyan first spoke about their favorite heroines. Dhyan says that he liked actress Navya Nair but fell in love with her after seeing some posters with Prithviraj on the silver screen.

‘Did you want to marry Navya?’ Dhyan answers Srinivasan’s question that there was, and now there is not. Chetan loved actress Meera Jasmine so much that you have no problem with Meera Jasmine coming as stepmother? Dhyan says that Chettan had asked him. The video also shows Vineet listening to his sister’s talk and occasionally correcting that I was joking.

Dhyan adds that in his father’s films, he likes old films like Nadodikkaat, Mazha Peyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu, Pattanapravesham and Akkareyoru Maran and he does not like any of the recent films. Kochu Dhyan’s assessment is that his father’s acting is going down now.

At the same time, Vineeth says that he does not like his father’s occasional work with a well – known Malayalam actor and that he has told his father many times. Vineeth replied to Srinivasan’s question, “How do I know if what my father is saying is true or if he is lying?”

‘Are you saying I’m a liar now?’ Vineeth answers Urula’s answer to Srinivasan’s question. ‘My father does not currently smoke. But yesterday, when I went into the bathroom shortly after my father left, I smelled cigarettes. I also found two packs of cigarettes in the bathroom. When he came out, his father told him that he had made a big decision and had stopped smoking. So it’s a great proof that my father is lying, ‘says Vineet.


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