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Every year, a huge number of positions fall under the reduction, replaced by computer technology capable of fast and high-quality calculations and operations. Who can become schoolboy or to a studentto avoid job automation? The areas in demand are listed below.

Ecology and biology

It’s no secret that the world’s population is growing every year. The amount of waste in the environment is growing, the amount of resources is decreasing. To solve the problems associated with the creation of artificial types of food, engineers in the field of synthetic biology will be needed.

Specialists in the revival of extinct species will be able to deal with environmental issues and restore disturbed ecosystems. The issues of reducing emissions and creating new ways of processing waste will be taken up by professionals in the field of environmental protection.

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The duration of human life is growing, which means that the elderly part of the population is becoming larger. Gerontologists are needed to help people adapt to age-related changes and new features of life. In addition, an increase in life expectancy does not cancel the existence of diseases, as well as the emergence of new ones.

However, each person’s body reacts individually to the action of various drugs, which will make the profession of a doctor personalized medicinea genetic consultant and designer of substances and preparations, will be in high demand in the coming years.


The problem of obesity to this day remains one of the most relevant at the present time. According to the World Bank, almost half of adults and a fifth of boys under 19 are now overweight.

To help people cope with excess weight, dietitians and fitness consultants are needed who can tailor individual exercise plans and dietary nutrition systems.

IT people

Information is gradually becoming the most significant currency of the modern world, which means that professionals who know how to work in the field of information technology will be more and more popular. The area of ​​big data is becoming especially in demand.

For competent forecasting, planning to avoid risks and losses, as well as for analyzing information of varying degrees of structure on a large scale, specialists such as an analyst and big data developer are needed.

Engineers and designers

Smart TV, smart speaker, smart watch – every day more and more “smart” items appear around us, which greatly simplify our life. Soon even the smart home will become the norm.

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