Professor Layton and the New World of steam is shown in a new trailer

Level 5 has revealed through its YouTube channel a new trailer for Professor Layton and the New World of steam, the new installment of the iconic saga of adventures and puzzles that will arrive at some time yet to be determined exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Below you can see this new look in which new images and some of the creatives who are involved in the development of the project appear:

The trailer stands out for the presence of Luke Triton, the young apprentice of Professor Hershel Layton whose presence in this new installment had already been confirmed in promotional art. Luke appears mounted on a vehicle that looks steampunk that moves by means of mechanical legs instead of wheels, hinting that this type of technology will have a great weight in the universe and the plot of the title. On this occasion, Luke will be played by Mio Imadawhom you will know for being Slice in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising o Hinata Tachibana en Tokyo Revengers.

The teaser also reveals that the puzzles in this new Profesor Layton will be designed by QuizKnock, a Japanese YouTube channel with two million subscribers specializing, as the name suggests, in riddles. However, we have not seen gameplayso we will have to wait a little longer to find out what those puzzles will be like.

A direct sequel to The Lost Future

The New World Of Steam “Takes place one year after the events of Professor Layton and the lost futurethe third game in the series.” In this video game originally released on the Nintendo DS, Layton and Luke investigate a time machine built by Dr. Alain Stahngun., and Luke receives a letter from his supposed future self. According to future Luke, Layton leads a mob and controls London, so he asks his past self to help him stop the evil Layton.

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