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2023-05-30 10:55:38

Founded in 1973 as an ‘association for the promotion of network planning technology’, pma has developed into the leading project management association in Austria.

Vienna (OTS) According to pma estimates, around one million people work in projects in Austria. Whether in the IT, construction or healthcare sectors, in NGOs or in research: “Project management is a basic qualification that everyone needs today,” says Brigitte Schaden, President of pma – Projekt Management Austria, Austria’s leading association for project management .

50 years of project management, a journey through time

As early as the 1960s, committed people met at the Technical University in Vienna to advance the topic of project management. They organized the first international specialist congress in Vienna and founded the ‘Association for the Promotion of Network Planning Technology’ on May 18, 1973, which later became Projekt Management Austria (pma).

For Projekt Management Austria, the 1990s also began with an international congress. A lot of new things were offered: Away from pure methodology towards management strategy. The aim was not only to arouse the interest of practitioners, but above all to promote innovation and play a pioneering role. That has remained the same to this day: “With around 700 participants, pma focus is Austria’s largest project management congress and a platform for networking and entertainment,” says pma President Brigitte Schaden. “Current topics, speakers from research and practice, workshops and the largest project management fair make the pma focus the leading event for project managers. For 20 years now!”

Promotion of young talent: pma young crew

Just like the pma focus, the promotion of young people is one of the important tasks of Projekt Management Austria. “With the pma young crew, we have been supporting young and prospective project managers for 15 years, organizing workshops and organizing events where they can get to know experienced industry colleagues and new companies,” says Alexander Vollnhofer, pma branch manager, himself a pma young crew for many years Member and formerly Chair of the pma young crew.

As part of the pma awards, Projekt Management Austria puts successful project managers in the spotlight every year and awards the prize for excellent project management. The pma Awards are presented to individuals and project teams in a festive atmosphere.

view in the future

The importance of projects has increased significantly in recent years. The need for well-trained project managers is correspondingly high. The fact that proof of project management skills can also boost your career is reflected in the number of pma/IPMA® certifications. They are considered proof of quality and are recognized in over 70 countries and on all continents. pma acts as the official certification body. There are currently over 20,000 certified project managers in Austria.

organizational form of the 21st century

Climate change, pandemic, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and its consequences, New Work, digitization, AI and much more. The world has become more uncertain and more complex. “In order to tackle and solve the crises of our time, you need clarity, communication and skills in project management,” pma President Brigitte Schaden is convinced. “Here’s to the next 50 years of pma and project management in Austria!”

Event notice: On October 12, 2023, the pma focus, Austria’s largest project management congress, will take place in the Austria Center Vienna under the title: Fact or Fake: Project management between the “realities”. More information:

Project Management Austria (pma) is the largest Austrian project management association with around 1,300 members. The aim of pma is the quality assurance of project management and the recognition and further development of the job description “Project Manager”. pma is an official IPMA® certification body for project managers. As an active member of the global International Project Management Association (IPMA®), pma is internationally networked.

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