promote! The government “controlled COVID-19 in 2 weeks” this event awaits to prove. “Pak belly villagers” is a bet

The spread of the COVID-19 virus continues to erode the feelings of the whole Thai nation. From the number of infected people that occur daily There are no less than 2,000 people, plus the number of deaths accompanying each day. Resulting in fear from the COVID-19 virus More

This makes the people of the country Calls the government Declaration of clarity on effective vaccination against COVID-19 to keep the epidemic from happening as much as it is today!

Including calling on the government to take measures to remedy those who have suffered !! Because I have to admit that The news of the COVID-19 outbreak this time, most people decide !!! The cause is from the “government” that dropped the card !!! Even though the government has confirmed that it is not the cause of this event, the “government” is the defendant by default !!!

And most recently the government by “Mr. SupatNaphong Phan Meechao “Deputy Prime Minister And Minister of Energy Came out to show confidence that The government will be able to control it within 2 weeks, as now, despite the increasing number of infected people But the number of people healed is also increasing every day. Which asks people to believe that the government can take care of the situation Because this outbreak was beyond expectations Causing the impending economy to stumble But believe that soon after we can control the outbreak And start carpet vaccination all over the country and the economy will begin to recover better.

As for the care of people affected by the COVID-19 virus, Ms. Kulya Tantitemit, director of the Fiscal Policy Office, said the Ministry of Finance has monitored the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. And various situations That may affect the economy of the country And measures are being taken to accommodate various situations Continuously throughout Any action taken in the next phase will be considered appropriate. Consistent with the economic situation in each period And the maximum benefit to the people

“The government has prepared more than 300 billion baht in budget for action to remedy and restore the economy and society affected by the COVID-19 situation. It will help inject money into the economy. Reduce the burden of the people Stimulate spending And domestic consumption This will result in stimulation and economic recovery in the next phase. ”

Side of view “Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonvichai” President of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Advisory Center for Economic and Business Forecasting, said that the Thai economy this year Can grow at 2.8 percent, although the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. Will have a severe impact Causing the money to disappear from the economy According to the forecasting center, it is expected that the COVID-19 situation is Will resolve within 2 months or by June, affecting 1.24 percent of GDP, the economic value lost about 200 billion baht, but from the government’s economic stimulus plan that sees it can add money to the compensation system for the lost have Therefore, this year’s GDP forecast remains the same.

While the private sector “Mr. Suphan Mongkolsuthree” Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said that from his discussions with the Prime Minister about the direction of the Thai economy after the new epidemic. And measures to stimulate the economy in that country, the TAT sees that the vaccination is thoroughly And the most to Thai people Will restore confidence in the economy And quickly restored the confidence of the people Private and ready to support And cooperate with the government in pushing out a plan to distribute the vaccine to the people as quickly as possible. In order for the Thai economy to continue to move forward Which members of many companies under the SAO. Confirm that they are ready to help the government fully. In addition, the easing of immigration control measures for foreign tourists will also help support the economic recovery in the future.

“I have to admit that this new round of COVID-19 has affected the confidence of Thai people and will affect the purchasing power that will drop. Even though the government has had economic stimulus measures before that “

As well as the lockdown measures that the government has announced Even lockdowns in certain areas should be able to help control the outbreak more effectively. And hope that the government will control the epidemic as quickly as possible

Finally, inhibiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Will it be possible as the government talked about!?!

This event has a bet “Big Mouth” !!!

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