Prosecution of high-ranking executives of “Hellenic Train” 2024-02-22 00:22:04

After the announcement of the criminal acts by Mr. Bakaimi, the competent Deputy Prosecutor of Appeals – according to information from the “Eleftheria” newspaper, yesterday prosecuted the two executives «Hellenic Train» which as a limited liability railway company, among other things, has the main activity of providing traction services for the rail transport of passengers and goods.

The prosecution, according to the same information, concerns the managing director and a director of management of S.A. who are being prosecuted for criminal acts committed through omission, and in particular for the misdemeanors of manslaughter by serial negligence, grievous bodily harm by serial negligence and simple bodily harm by serial negligence, while clarifying that at the expense of the others 31 (OSE and ERGOSE executives) have also been prosecuted for the felony of disrupting transportation safety. Following yesterday’s development, for the Tempe railway tragedy, which occurred almost a year ago, on the evening of February 28, 2023, prosecution has been brought against a total of 33 executives, while the Appellant-Investigator is examining any responsibilities of two more entities , without excluding the possibility of additional prosecutions against officials, with which – barring unforeseen circumstances – the main investigation is expected to be delayed and thus pave the way for the trial of the case. It is noted that according to estimates based on the data to date and as long as there are no further delays, then the determination of the trial – provided that the bill of the Ministry of Justice (“Floridis law”) is passed “is possible” for next June and in a room to be set up at the University of Thessaly.

Tempe: Departures with allegations of a cover-up

The Council did not finally take a decision yesterday, a development that is expected from today’s meeting, which will be decided by a Voulema. When the will of the Council of Appeals of Larisa is issued, the question of the Appellant-Investigator may have been answered, however there will be no Commission of Inquiry, as at least it was appointed last November, since yesterday the representatives of the opposition parties (SYRIZA, PASOK, Hellenic Solution , New Left and Spartans) withdrew, denouncing methods to cover up and “legitimize” the “advance decision of the majority” to acquit those responsible for the Tempe crime.

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