Protect Your Skin from Harmful June Sun: Dermatologists’ Alert and Recommendations

2023-06-02 13:58:50


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Watch out for sunburn! In June, the sun’s rays are particularly harmful to the skin. Thus, dermatologists are issuing an alert and calling for good protection.

The temptation to expose oneself to the sun is often great when the first rays appear. “It’s treacherous the sun in June. […] It’s dangerous”, assures a woman. Another says: “To run, I put on a lot of sunscreen.” June is the month when the sun is highest in the sky. Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the skin. In Lyon (Rhône), some take a break on the terrace, but it is often short-lived.

“Protective Systems”

Parents of young children are also very attentive. “I myself am quite careful because I had skin cancer when I was young. […] For children, it’s hat, basic rules”, says a mother. Dermatologists warn and recommend gradual sun exposure. “[La peau] will take time to set in motion protection systems, such as tanning”, explains Dr. Marie Jourdan. Dermatologists recommend systematically going in the shade during the sunniest hours, covering your head and opting for sunscreen.

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