Protests over Biden’s inauguration fade but FBI fears lone wolves

Washington DC is a real fort. The Capitol is more fortified than the US embassy in Iraq and the US capital has more troops this week than all of Afghanistan. Who would want to organize protests this week? Better to leave it for another day, with a better chance of success.

The enemy must be caught by surprise, as the canons of war command. The danger these days will not come from mobs like those that assaulted the legislative palace on Kings Day, but of lone wolves like the heavily armed woman who was stopped at a checkpoint on Saturday posing as a member of Joe Biden’s security team. Or the Virginia neighbor pulled over with an arsenal in the car. Or the one in New York trying to organize a “caravan of armed patriots.” Or the 22-year-old who was walking around DC with an unlicensed gun.

Security checkpoints set up all over Washington like the Iraq of war work. More than one dangerous madman falls into their networks, but the FBI knows that no matter how much he sharpens the intelligence antennas, it will be enough for him to miss one to put the new president’s life in danger. You cannot let your guard down. Up to the 25,000 troops of the National Guard deployed in the capital have been scrutinized with a magnifying glass, particularly after knowing the number of military connections between the assailants on the Capitol.

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The Amtrak rail company has canceled trains from southern Washington. The city council has closed the National Mall and subway stations near the Capitol, the White House and other iconic buildings that are in the spotlight. The demonstrations last Sunday planned months in advance across the country were picturesque but anecdotal. Many Trump supporters do not like to be identified with the Capitol vandals. And the violent have no desire to “fall into a trap,” as Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, an anti-government militia, forged with the military and police, told them in a letter. it has directed its members to warn them that, for now, “this part of the battle is over.” The war continues.

Joe Biden will not be safe. Its vice president, Kamala Harris, who officially resigned her Senate seat for California on Monday with the promise that “it is not a ‘goodbye’, but a ‘hello'”, is the first woman to hold this position, but could break the glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton only managed to crack if something happens to her boss. Ironically, your choice is Biden’s best life insuranceBecause if there is one thing that the far-right militias would hate more than him, it is making an African-American president.

This Tuesday afternoon the church bells will ring in tribute to the almost 400,000 deaths from covid-19 in the country

The new president, 77, you don’t have much time to win over the country. Soon the impeachment trial against Donald Trump in the Senate will monopolize the media attention and ruin the message of ‘America United’ that he has chosen for his inauguration. This afternoon it will light up the National Mall pond and ring the church bells in tribute to the almost 400,000 deaths from covid that already accumulates the country, a deadly legacy that will accompany its predecessor on the way to the Andrews base. Trump has ordered a military dismissal with a cannon salute. When Biden is sworn into office, he will already be flying to his Palm Beach mansion, but Biden doesn’t care how cold the capital is.

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On his first day in office, he plans to sign a string of executive orders to undo Trump’s most ignominious measures, such as the veto of Muslim travelers, family separation at the border or the departure of the Paris Accords. Before the music for the first inaugural dance stops, his team will send the Senate different bills on issues so controversial and complex that they usually require years of negotiations, but that he wants to complete in his first 100 days. It is about the new economic stimulus package for 1.9 trillion dollars, the immigration reform that would legalize the situation of eleven million undocumented or the judicial system that disproportionately condemns African Americans.

With the urgency of the now being claimed by Martin Luther King, whose memorial was empty at Monday’s annual commemoration of tight security, Biden will furiously shake Trump’s lethal heritage and renew Obama’s dream. He will have to start by taming covid-19, his most imminent challenge. To do this, it contemplates a massive plan of diagnostic tests with which to reopen schools and businesses, accelerate the vaccination campaign and expand health access, recruiting pharmacies and scientists. Time is short, fear too. The war has only just begun.

An attempt to sell a Pelosi laptop to Russia is investigated

The US Federal Police (FBI) has opened an investigation into the possible intention of a woman who entered the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on January 6, during the assault on the Capitol, to sell the computer Pelosi’s laptop or hard drive to Russia. The woman under investigation is Riley Jone Williams, according to an affidavit of the case to which the Politico news portal has had access. “Williams appears to have fled,” the document says. “According to local authorities in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), Williams’ mother has declared that she packed a suitcase and left home and told her mother that she would be away for a few weeks,” the text says.

A witness has informed authorities that he had seen a video of Williams “taking a laptop or hard drive from Pelosi’s office”. “He said that Williams intended to send it to a friend in Russia to sell it to the SVR, the Russian secret services abroad,” the document states. “The transfer of the computer to Russia collapsed for unknown reasons and Williams still has the computer or has destroyed it,” he continues. “The issue is being investigated.” For now, Williams has been charged with entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct for his actions on Capitol Hill.


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