PS Plan to Save Hospitality Sector Sparks Outrage: Ludivine de Magnanville Criticizes Electoralism

2024-04-18 15:05:00

Ludivine de Magnanville is angry. It was with amazement that the former president of the Brussels Horeca Federation discovered, reading the DH, that the PS was planning a plan to save the hospitality sector. “For three years, my job was to negotiate with the political world. And what I hear today from the mouth of the PS is electoralism that makes me puke.”

“Everything we proposed for two and a half years, at every budgetary conclave, at every emergency raised by the sector, every alarm bell we rang, was never heard. And there, two months before the elections, we realize that the catering industry and entrepreneurs are worth something and are worthy of interest. It’s scandalous”adds the one who is also a DéFI candidate for the Brussels Region.

Ludivine de Magnanville, who also wears the double hat of business leader, sees hypocrisy in the leader of the socialist party. A few weeks ago, the president of the PS, Paul Magnette, declared that employees should not choose the wrong opponent and that if they suffered, it was because of the bosses. A few days later, he affirmed that the catering industry, which concentrates a huge proportion of small business owners, must be saved. “We are witnessing pure electoralism which is shameful, as if the PS had realized that the bosses and the hospitality world could vote. But we had to do it first.”

The hospitality sector is in agony: “If we do nothing, small restaurants that respect the rules will disappear”

The Amarante candidate claims to have met the boss of the Brussels PS, Ahmed Laaouej, in December, but that “Nothing came out of that meeting.” Even harder is the question of flexi-jobs. At the end of February, regional hospitality federations appealed to the Constitutional Court against three restrictive measures in the new legislation on flexi-jobs. Today, the socialists say they are ready to review the system, “but the increase in charges on flexi-jobs is because of the socialists.”

“We arrived two years ago with a proposal not to tax tips. Everyone agreed but it was never implemented. [Le ministre socialiste fédéral de l’Économie] Pierre-Yves Dermagne replied that it was not his responsibility but that of Vincent Van Peteghem [ministre CD&V des Finances].”

The new quartet at the head of the Brussels hospitality industry wants to put all its weight behind taxation: “going to a restaurant will become a luxury product”

Ludivine de Magnanville is also angry at the “baseless” proposal to promote low wages. “Do they know how much a diver costs? The reality is that when you seek to promote the fact that an employee increases in skills, in the end, the gross increase will result in very little net gain.”

She ends with these words: “They are completely disconnected. They have only seen that the PS is losing votes at the level of entrepreneurs and they are trying to recover them. But it’s just ‘com’.”

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