PSG Transfer Rumors: Mbappé’s XXL Clause Negotiations and Future with the Club

2023-08-16 16:05:00

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Mbappé – PSG: An XXL clause negotiated in the greatest secrecy?

Published on August 16, 2023 at 6:05 p.m.

Footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. After realizing my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live from my passion with the transfer window and major sporting events as a second family.

Set aside by PSG when training resumed, Kylian Mbappé left the loft and returned to the first team. As revealed by, the warming of relations between the star and the Parisian club allows us to glimpse a positive outcome to this boiling file. With, in particular, the negotiation of a departure clause for the summer of 2024.

At the start of the cold war which opposed the PSG has Kylian Mbappe, it’s time to defuse. The two parties have returned to the path of discussion and after a promising first meeting, the Parisian leaders have confirmed the return of their star to the first team. Clan Mbappe has indeed made a commitment not to leave without transfer compensation. All that remains is to negotiate the amount of this departure. And according to our sources, that is precisely what Kylian Mbappé and PSG are doing this summer.

PSG want €200m

Determined not to see go Kylian Mbappe for zero euro, the PSG is now reassured. The club will not lose face in this case since the player has agreed to leave Paris against a transfer fee. According to our information, the PSG wants an amount of 200 million euros. For its part, the clan Mbappe offered a more reasonable sum of 150 million euros. Clearly, a middle ground is emerging for a total agreement which should approach 180 million euros, the amount spent by the PSG to afford Mbappe in 2017.

Several possible options

In the file Mbappe, several options are possible. Either the player agrees to activate the optional year provided for in his contract, allowing him to be linked to Paris until 2025, and adds a release clause in this lease, allowing his future club (not to say the Real Madrid…) to buy it. As was the case for Neymar, in 2017, when the PSG put 222 million euros on the table and Barca couldn’t do anything to retain him. Or Kylian Mbappe negotiates a new contract, extending for several seasons, with a written commitment from the PSG to let him go in the summer of 2024, which is the player’s wish. After reaching an agreement on a departure in 2024 against compensation, there will be no winner or loser in this case. THE PSG saves face by recovering money on a transfer, the player retains control of his future and participates in the remuneration of his club.

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