PSG’s MSI journey ends as North American team GG sweeps them in straight sets

2023-05-08 10:54:43

Yesterday (5/7) in the “League of Legends” MSI Mid-Season Tournament Finalist, PSG faced North American team GG to compete for the last ticket to advance to the main match. Unfortunately, PSG was in poor condition, and BO5 was swept by GG in straight sets , hastily ended this MSI journey, and it was also the first time that a Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau team missed the main match.

Game 1: Failed to attack with line combination

In the first match, PSG took out Ezreal and Karma’s team battle lineup to face GG’s team battle lineup, but Woody was sent out by Gank for the first kill after two rounds, PSG lost its absolute advantage in the next route, and then PSG won two dragons in a row With the first tower in the bottom lane, but the economy is only a little over a thousand ahead, which is quite unfavorable for PSG’s early lineup.

230508_msi_ (2)

The key point of this game is 24 minutes. When Junjia and Woody set up the vision of the river in the Barong area, Junjia did not use his skills to explore the grass first. Wako’s E skill jumped forward and wanted to output, but was surrounded by GG and fell to the ground. GG won Baron to lay the foundation for victory.

At 32 minutes, PSG’s early lineup was no longer able to fight anymore. GG was not afraid to open Baron first. After PSG went deep, he was sent around by Kaineng and killed Wako. victory.

Game 2: Strong Hero OP

In the second round, PSG took out the familiar combination of Luna to fight against GG’s versions of strong heroes such as Jie Li, Poppy and Faai. PSG also played very boring in the early stage, Woody was killed again, Junjia was also killed in the fight for the herald, and the number of kills started with 0:3.

230508_msi_ (3)

In 14 minutes, GG invaded the wild area to oppress PSG, and then quickly came to the bottom lane, which caught Wako by surprise and was caught in the bottom lane first, and then GG sent down the top lane. Everyone suffered a lot of damage from the defense tower and Junjia. In the end, PSG only lost two people and killed GG four people under the tower.

The key to this game is 27 minutes. At this time, GG has already obtained three dragon draw cards, and if he wins another dragon, he will add the fire dragon soul to his body, so Junjia is eager to move forward, but he is knocked away by Bobby’s big move first, and everyone in GG immediately Decided to rush the little dragon, when Junjia walked back to the dragon area, he was blocked by Bobby again, unable to go down the wall to steal the dragon, GG successfully obtained the fire dragon soul.

Immediately afterwards, a team battle broke out between the two sides. Although Gori was killed first, GG fought four against five, but under the strong offensive of the well-equipped Jie Li and the fire dragon soul, PSG had no power to parry. Killed and played ACE, and then GG accepted Baron and moved towards the main castle. In the end, PSG suffered ACE again at home and lost 10:20. GG received the second victory.

The third round: the big men come back to the rivers and lakes

In the third game, PSG came up with a late-stage team battle lineup, while GG came up with a long-lost big male lineup, four guarantees and one Jieli.

Although from the point of view of the casting lineup, PSG has an advantage in this game, and the rhythm of both sides will be relatively slow; but GG does not think so. River once again used the routine to counter the wild in the early stage, successfully Gank PSG and Woody was killed. This is Woody’s third consecutive The field was first killed.

230508_msi_ (4)

The key point of this game is the dragon team battle at 22 minutes. GG opened the dragon first, Azhi wanted to enter the field after going around, but was caught by GG, but Annie was also caught by PSG. The two sides exchanged one player, and then both returned to the battlefield. Steal the dragon.

But the position of PSG has been grasped by GG, Gori teleported around behind PSG, River Maokai and Licorice Er also opened up the front, PSG had no choice but to fight, and then Wako struggled to output, but the equipment is not enough to impress GG In the big male formation, the members were harvested by Jieli one by one to complete the ACE, and GG accepted Balong.

At 31 minutes, GG got Baron again, and then headed towards PSG’s main castle. At this time, Gori moved too far, and was caught by PSG to kill him first. GG wanted to retreat, but PSG saw the opportunity and immediately pursued it. Huge output from the side, but the next second River Maokai flashed Wako, Jie Li also flashed forward, Wako fell to the ground in an instant, PSG was defeated immediately, Jie Li scored four consecutive kills in the perfect output space, and finally pushed the main Fort, also shattered PSG’s promotion dream.

Fighting hard all the way in the defeat, but unfortunately still missed the main match

After PSG was swept by GG in straight sets, it set a record. Since the MSI mid-season competition was held in 2015, this is the first time that a team from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau has not been able to advance to the main match. This year, no wild card team has advanced to the main match. The wild card team has a disparity of 0-13 when it comes to the main division team.

230508_msi_ (5)

After the game, River revealed on Twitter, “Our group practice against PSG 0:5, PSG 3:0 in the official game, group practice is not important at all, everyone cheers!” Comparing with past PSG international competitions, there will be rumors of strong group practice, but in the end it was They all failed, making netizens jokingly say that if they only practice in groups, PCS/LMS should be the champion.

After the official end of the play-in competition, today is the MSI truce day, and tomorrow (5/9) will start the second stage of the main competition. The competition system is BO5 double elimination. Eight teams will compete for the final championship. The groups are as follows:

230508_msi_ (6)

The two Korean teams are facing the European teams in the upper half, with GEN facing G2 and T1 facing MAD, and the two Chinese teams are also facing the North American teams just below, with BLG facing C9 and JDG facing GG respectively.

In the end, the top four may form a civil war between China and South Korea. The intensity of this MSI competition is quite high. The eight teams are all teams from the four major regions. Audiences who like competitions should not miss it.

First image source: Riot Games

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