Pugacheva in Russia made an offer

They want to leave Galkin out of work.

Against the backdrop of persistent rumors about problems in the marriage of Alla Pugacheva, potential applicants are not asleep. Returning home star has already made a specific offer.

An alliance with the legendary artist is simply doomed to success for the groom, Bari Alibasov Jr. is sure. In light of the fact that all the husbands of the singer earned their fame next to her, the showman is ready to take advantage of the chance.

“First of all, I would offer myself as a suitor to Alla Borisovna! And I wouldn’t mind if I’m married. I am sure that my wife would accept it with great joy and would be a witness at our wedding, ”said Alibasov. “TV program”.

Photo source: Photo bank – legion-media.ru

Natalya Pashneva

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