Punishment for Ja Morant’s Gun Incident Announced After Championship: Suspended for 18 Games and More

2023-06-03 08:53:22

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced earlier at the pre-match press conference of Game 1 of the championship game that the punishment for Ja Morant’s gun incident will be officially announced after the championship series. Considering that the last time Ja Morant was suspended for 8 games and lost more than $600,000 in salary, the punishment this time should be more severe.

This time, according to Adrian Wojnarowski’s disclosure on the show, the punishment Ja Morant will face is likely to be suspended for 18 games. The NBA’s new labor agreement stipulates that players need to play at least 65 games in the regular season to be eligible to compete for the top three teams of the year and other individual awards, and the suspension of 18 games directly determines that Ja Morant will miss these honors next season. Lost salary is also a big penalty.

In addition, Adrian Wojnarowski went on to mention that the league does not have much sympathy for Ja Morant, and many teams have even asked the league to “severely” deal with this matter. However, as mentioned above, Adam Silver will not make it public until after the championship game Interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention to the details of the alliance’s punishment.

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