Puppies playing tetherball with Vashi; Video goes viral

The video of two puppies playing tetherball has gone viral on social media. It’s just fun to watch their games with excitement. What’s next?

Tetherball is a game in which two players hit a ball with only their hands. It is hung on a fixed metal pole with a rope or tether. Both players stand on opposite sides of the pole. Everyone should try to hit the ball to one side.

At the scene, the two are in a heated fight. They both run to Vashi and hit the ball. Both are very competitive to hit the ball. This interesting video has already been viewed by many.

It also surprises us that one person is patient enough to hit the ball and then the other. In any case, there is no doubt that everyone will love their entertainment. Someone wrote that I would not watch this game if it were human.

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