Pura Vida in the World Cup! This was the minute by minute of the victory of Costa Rica vs. Japan in the World Cup in Qatar 2022


96′ THE MATCH ENDS: Costa Rica hit the ground and beat Japan to stay alive in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A goal by Keysher Fuller at 80 gave them all three points against the Japanese.

90’ Michael Oliver adds 6 minutes. It is what Japan has left to try to equalize the match.

89’ Change in Costa Rica. Borges leaves and Salas enters.

82’ Yoshida made a mistake on clearance and the Japanese goalkeeper was very soft on Fuller’s shot.

80′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Costa Rica, Keysher Fuller scores after a shot from outside the area. In the only one that the Ticos have had

70’ Yellow card for Calvo for a foul on the front. Touching the penalty

67’ Doan leaves and J. Ito enters Japan.

64’ Double change in Costa Rica, Jewison Bennette and Brandon Aguilera enter, Anthony Contreras and Gerson Torres leave.

63’ Yuki Soma’s free kick went high off Keylor’s frame.

62’ Mitoma enters and Yamane leaves in Japan.

61’ Foul by Celso Borges up front against Endo and he gets the yellow card.

58’ Duarte kicked the ball back and made it difficult for Navas, who arrived just in time for the clearance under pressure from Asano.

50’ Japan double shot. The first is cut off by the defense and the second, after a rebound, is kept by Keylor Navas.

47‘ An important factor to continue keeping zero behind will be Keylor Navas.

46‘ Let’s go with the second half and there are changes in Japan come out Ueda and Nagatomo, come in This is Donkey.

THE FIRST HALF ENDS: Costa Rica and Japan don’t hurt each other and are drawing 0-0 at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium.

45’ They add one minute to this first half.

43’ Now Miki Yamane goes down to Campbell and both teams have a yellow card.

41’ The first admonished of the match arrives. Anthony Contreras irons Maya Yoshida and takes the yellow card.

40’ The entry of Kendall Waston has changed the way Costa Rica defends. The Costa Rican central defender gives the Central Americans a lot of solidity.

34’ Joel Campbell’s three-fingered shot that goes wide of the Japan frame.

30’ If Japan win this match they are in the next round.

26’ Hold on Costa Rica! More than 20 minutes and still without conceding chances

22’ Costa Rica is defending itself very well, waiting for its opportunity to go on the counter and do damage.

17’ Japan is being better, but that superiority is not reflected in goals.

12’ Ayase Ueda generated danger in the framework of Keylor Navas. The Japanese took a cross from the right that went through the entire area.

11’ The entire Costa Rican team locked up in their field. Five behind, without complexes. Touch and touch the ball Japan.

7’ Joel Campbell has been the man who is causing problems for Japan at the start of the game.

4’ Lower the “yes we can” of the stands by the Ticos in the stadium.

1’ We already have the first corner of the game and it is for Japan that came out with everything.

START THE MATCH! Costa Rica is already facing Japan in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

3:57 A.M: Keylor Navas and Maya Yoshida carry out the draw to choose the court or the ball.

3:55 A.M: Now we go with the notes of the Costa Rican anthem.

3:54 A.M: The hymns of the party are already playing. We start with the one from Japan.

3:51 A.M: Nice postcard of the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, minutes before the match.

3:48 A.M: The atmosphere is very good prior to the match.

3:45 A.M: The Ticos do not lose faith and are supporting the stadium.

3:36 A.M: Costa Rica is already jumping into the field of Ahmed bin Ali to do the warm-up exercises.

3:33 A.M: The Japanese have a great atmosphere, the Asians can tie their qualification to the round of 16 today.



Midfielder Gerson Torres will replace promising winger Jewison Bennette in Costa Rica’s starting eleven for Sunday’s vital World Cup Group E game against Japan.

Bennette, an 18-year-old Sunderland winger, was part of the Costa Rican striker who failed to get a shot on goal during the 7-0 thrashing of Spain on his debut.

In addition to the entry of Torres, a right-handed inside for Herediano, the other change made on Sunday by coach Luis Fernando Suárez is the entry of Kendall Watson for Carlos Martínez on the right side.

For Japan, coach Hajime Moriyasu chose to leave out figures like Junya Ito and Takefusa Kubo, the pearl of Spanish Real Sociedad, this time, as well as taking over from center forward Daizen Maeda for Ayase Ueda.

Spain leads Group E with three points, the same as Japan, while Germany and Costa Rica have not scored.

– The lineups:

Costa Rica: Keylor Navas (cap.) – Kendall Watson, Keysher Fuller, Francisco Calvo, Óscar Duarte, Bryan Oviedo – Keysher Fuller, Yeltsin Tejeda, Celso Borges, Gerson Torres – Joel Campbell and Anthony Contreras.

Coach: Luis Fernando Suárez (COL)

Japan: Shuichi Gonda – Miki Yamane, Kou Itakura, Maya Yoshida (cap.), Yuto Nagatomo – Wataru Endo, Hidemasa Morita, Yuki Soma, Ritsu Doan, Daichi Kamada – Ayase Ueda.

Seleccionador: Hajime Moriyasu (JAP)

Referee: Michael Oliver (ENG)

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