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A lot of people are facing the purple Twitch screen these days! We explain to you where the problem comes from.

If you regularly watch streams on Twitch, you may have recently faced an issue that affects a lot of users: purple screen ! This is a message from Twitch, which stops viewing the current stream.

This message obviously has an explanation and a reason to appear, which we explain to you below to try to resolve the problem!

How do I remove the purple screen on Twitch?

While watching streams on Twitch, you may have already faced the purple screen, with the message displayed below:

Purple screen appearing on Twitch

This message prevents you from continuing to watch the stream you are on, until you have followed its instructions which are as follows:

  • If you are watching this stream on a non-Twitch site, it is recommended that you go to Twitch.tv to continue viewing it.
  • If you are already on Twitch to watch this stream, then you must check extensions from your browser. If you are using a adblocker or one script on your browser which gives the impression that you are watching the live from another site, you are obliged to deactivate them.

It is therefore use of another site to view Twitch lives as well as the use of a ad blocker that create this problem! Once these disabled extensions, you should normally be able to restart the stream and continue watching it.


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