Putin’s TV Address on ‘Peace the Rebellion’: Rediscovering Russian History as a Great Power

2023-06-25 12:52:00

“Peace the Rebellion” TV address defines socialist revolution as ‘civil war’

Revealing the historical view of the ‘Russian era’ by restoring the past as a great power

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a televised speech announcing the pacification of the Wagner group’s rebellion on the 24th (local time). AP Yonhap News

Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention by expressing the Russian Revolution of 1917, which sparked the founding of the Soviet Union, as a “tragedy of civil war,” declaring an end to the rebellion of the Wagner group.

In a televised speech on the 24th (local time), President Putin announced that he had obtained information about the rebellion and that he would punish all those involved. “Russia is currently fighting the most difficult war for its future, repelling the aggression of neo-Nazis and their trainers,” Putin said. .

President Putin referred to the year of the Russian Revolution in 1917, calling the Wagner group’s rebellion “a betrayal of the fighters fighting on the front lines.” He said the victory of the Russian Empire in World War I was “stolen” by the strike. “The debates and intrigues behind the army led to a greater catastrophe, the destruction of our army and state, the loss of vast territories and, eventually, the tragedy of the civil war.” said.

President Putin’s remarks appear to have interpreted the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 from the perspective of the Russian Empire. As the First World War prolonged and the hardships of life worsened, the people staged demonstrations and strikes in March 1917, and a revolution broke out when the soldiers ordered by the Tsar (Emperor) to bloodily suppress it refused. This revolution is called the ‘February Revolution’ because it took place in February according to the Russian calendar at the time.

The February Revolution gave rise to the Provisional Government of Kerensky, a coalition of bourgeois and socialists. Afterwards, as chaos and suffering continued, the Bolshevik Revolution, led by communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, broke out in November 1917. This was a revolution that called for the overthrow of capitalism and led to the founding of the Soviet Union. Afterwards, the ‘Red and White Civil War’ broke out over the stance on communism and the tsar system.

President Putin has highly praised Joseph Stalin, who led the victory in the Red and White Civil War and raised the Soviet Union to the ranks of great powers while creating a totalitarian system. He called the decision to disband the Soviet Union in 1991 “the worst geopolitical mistake”. President Putin is evaluated for having a view of history that seeks to restore the Soviet Union’s ‘aspect as a great power’ and ‘geopolitical influence’ rather than its ideology.

It is evaluated that President Putin’s ultimate goal is to restore the influence of the Russian Empire. He has openly expressed his admiration for Peter the Great, who greatly expanded the territory of the Russian Empire. Last year, he justified the invasion, saying, “Ukraine is ancient Russia,” and in October of the same year, he compared the war in Ukraine to Peter the Great’s Northern War.

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