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Qatar would not have the infrastructure to accommodate foreign supporters

Scheduled for the winter of 2022, the World Cup in Qatar suffers from major organizational problems. The country would not be able to accommodate foreign fans due to a lack of hotels available.

Qatar is late for the organization of the 2022 World Cup. While modern slavery scandals have punctuated the construction of the stadiums, it is the reception conditions that are now criticized.

Associated Press has indeed returned to a serious lack of infrastructure. With less than a year to go before the opening match, Qatar is unable to accommodate foreign fans. With 1.2 million spectators expected, the number of rooms needed has been estimated at 128,000, just for the fans.

No place to sleep

Currently, there are only 90,000 in Doha, the epicenter of the most concentrated World Cup in history – all matches will be played within 50km or less of the capital. The problem is that out of these 90,000 rooms, a majority has already been reserved. FIFA, its sponsors but above all the teams should invest a large part of these premises. And currently, nothing is planned to ensure each nation a quota of reserved places.

The fight is therefore likely to be bitter to find a place to sleep. The hypothesis of mass camping in the desert, once considered, has been abandoned. “We have always seen the campsite as a discovery of Qatari culture, the organizing committee justified itself. It is not a viable solution for housing a lot of people.»

Round trips during the day?

To compensate for this lack of dormitories, fans could be forced to make the round trip to Qatar during the day. Ronan Evain, Managing Director of Football Supporters Europe, deplores this situation. “It could come to a point where, for Asians and Europeans, it would be better to only come one day. For regular fans, they could come several times, but only spend one day in the country at each visit ”.

This system raises many questions, especially ecological ones. Criticized for its monumental carbon footprint, this World Cup could once again push the limits with so many air travel. It would also risk not creating an emulsion in Doha, with fans not taking the time to explore the city. “This is not at all the experience that the majority of supporters are looking for”, regrets Evain.

An economical solution

More flights could still be the cheapest solution. The organizing committee has announced its desire to ban single night purchases at the hotel. As in Russia, the minimum stay would then be two nights, therefore twice the expense.

If no reservations are available for the World Cup before January, the forecast prices are thrilling fans. For a single night in December 2022 in Doha, it would take at least $ 1,000. Or at least $ 2,000 per person for accommodation during a World Cup match. An unprecedented situation that risks depriving many teams of their supporters.

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