Qu Chunyu Takes on Roller Skating: Different Sports 7 Episode Recap

2023-06-02 09:02:00

Source title: Short track speed skating Olympic champion Qu Chunyu and roller skating teenager fit together to participate in “Different Sports 7” Who is the king of racing?

Golden Eagle cartoon Yipin pure goat milk powder “Sports is Different 7” is dedicated to helping children grow up in sports and health. Each issue invites a world champion of a different sport and the strongest special sports teenagers from all over the country to learn and compete closely. At 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, the short track speed skating genius girl Qu Chunyu, the champion of the Winter Olympics, parachuted into the recording site of “Different Sports 7”. The different wind and lightning created a whirlwind of roller skating on the arena of “Different Sports 7”. Mai Card TV broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

The champion Qu Chunyu popularized the knowledge of roller skating on the spot and became one with the children

The short track speed skating Olympic champion wants to have a roller skating competition with children? Qu Chunyu came to the scene of “Different Sports 7” and gave the audience popular science about the similarities and differences between short track speed skating and roller skating: “The biggest difference between short track speed skating and roller skating is that the shoes worn by short track speed skating are skates. , while the soles of roller skates are made up of double or single rows of wheels. The venue for short track speed skating is on ice, while roller skating is on the ground. However, the methods of exerting force in short track speed skating and roller skating are the same. So when Qu Chunyu put on the roller skates that he hadn’t worn in 10 years, he immediately said: “This roller skate is already my champion difficulty.” So in the first challenge of “fit roller skating”, Qu Chunyu and Liao Shan, a member of the roller skating team led by Big Yu, formed a three-legged team and competed with Hu Mingxuan and Pan Hongtao, led by Xiaotu and Xiaomiao. The champion with a huge difference in height and speed and the young players faced off against the well-coordinated young roller skating player. Zeng, the Olympic champion Qu Chunyu stood at the starting line and asked his opponent: “You stepped on the line! Stand back a little bit.” The tense atmosphere of the competition was instantly relaxed, and it also instantly became one with the children.

In the end, what is the roller skating strength of the short track speed skating Olympic champion? What tactics will the three teams adopt in this fast and furious chase? This Saturday night at 7:00, Golden Eagle cartoon Yipin pure goat milk powder “Sports is Different 7” and let’s run with the boys and girls!

The young roller skating star showed off his skills and the Olympic champion called him amazing. The 10-year-old boy withstood the pressure and fought for the team

The well-known roller skating is a sport that tests flexibility and balance. “Different Sports 7” uses items such as “low-altitude flight” and “rotary roller skating” to show the super high skills of young roller skating players. The “low-altitude flight” challenge requires challengers to wear roller skates and slide through a three-meter-long railing passage at a limited height. Olympic champion Qu Chunyu took the lead in trying to pass the railing at a height of 75 cm, and easily passed the barrier with super flexibility. The young roller skating players did not stop there. Higher standards strictly required to challenge the height of 35 centimeters. Song Zixuan’s tricks and “flying low to the ground” made Qu Chunyu call out: “Amazing! This flexibility and strength control is too strong It’s done.” In the “Rotating Roller Skating” session, everyone needs to wrap the colored ribbons on the stakes around themselves. Qu Chunyu and Hu Mingxuan started to deviate from the center of gravity after spinning more than a dozen times to restrain each other. Wang Haixu, a young roller skating player from Guangzhou, is like “ “Little Colorful Flag” possessed him, dancing a ballet on the roller skates without stopping.

In addition to the superb skills of roller skating teenagers, roller skating also demonstrated the courage and ability of sports. In the final challenge of “Extreme Speed ​​Passing”, because the opponent was too strong, all the team members did not have the confidence to dare to participate. At the critical moment, 10-year-old Hu Mingxuan stood up and fought for the team under great pressure. Who knew that the first competition However, he lost a game due to a foul due to a footing problem. However, Hu Mingxuan was not discouraged and insisted on continuing to play for the second time. Can he overcome the foul problem and win the match point?

At 7pm this Saturday, Golden Eagle cartoon Yipin pure goat milk powder “Sports is Different 7” feels the speed of roller skating and gallops youthful. Mai Card TV broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

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