Quarantine and new permits: Seremi explains the changes in the Bío Bío after setback in Footsteps | National

Due to the retreat of five communes of the Greater Concepción to the Quarantine phase, the Bío Bío Health Ministry clarified the changes that will be implemented from Thursday 14 after the changes that the Minsal announced in El Paso a Paso.

In an interview with Radio Bío Bío, the regional health minister, Hector Muñoz, explained that one of the changes will be that the quarantine will last four weeks. In addition, he assured that control will increase, as well as the value of the fines.

“We believe that by having a limited quarantine, people are going to program and help us,” he said, emphasizing that the four-week period is “yes or yes, because we have already seen that in a certain amount of time , if the quarantines are complied with well (…) a decrease in cases begins to be seen ”.

For those communes that were already in Phase 1, permit restrictions apply, which will no longer last three hours but two. Regarding their time in quarantine, the previous modality will be maintained, that is, your evaluation will be done week by week, “Until the numbers decrease.”

Consequently, the change of duration in the quarantine that considers four weeks at most, It only applies to those communes that begin their confinement this Thursday.

The authority also recalled the complaints phone, which, according to Muñoz, has been positive at the level of audits and therefore could help reduce the cases of contagion in these types of events.

Regarding the permits

“All neighborhood stores can work because they sell essential products”, clarified the manager of the portfolio in the region, and invited to prefer them also to avoid long trips.

Meanwhile, he also detailed that the four-week limit aims to help merchants, “so that they do not have that insecurity of when the quarantine is going to end.”

In the case of people who are outside their communes of origin, who have been in confinement since Thursday, the seremi recalled that they have a round trip permit, therefore there would be no problem.

Those who want to take a vacation permit, and live in communes that are in quarantine, can no longer do the procedure.

The permits will last two hours, twice a week and the reason no longer has to be specified. As for the collective single permits, these will be maintained.

Although the seremi indicated that the health network has had the ability to make beds more complex, the strategy is not to continue doing that, but to lower the cases. For this reason he called for the commitment of citizenship.

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