Racism in football: Spain should ‘learn England’s example’, says Pep Guardiola

2023-05-26 17:03:11

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiolahas urged Spanish football to follow the example of the Premier League to eradicate racism in its stadiums, while displaying his pessimism about his country’s ability to achieve this.

The racist insults suffered by the Brazilian striker of Real Madrid last Sunday Vinicius Jrin a league game in Valencia, sparked outrage in Spain and beyond.

When asked this Friday at a press conference if La Liga should learn from the Premier League, which has taken an intransigent position on the subject, Guardiola replied: “they should“. “Here they are inflexible. They know what they have to do“, he added.

The former player and coach of FC Barcelona, ​​​​however, was rather skeptical about the ability of Spain to achieve this completely.

We can hope that things will improve a bit in Spain, but I am not optimistic. I know the country a little, and I’m not really optimistic“, added the Catalan.

Justice can help to do this but, at the same time, will it really change anything in Spain?“, estimated Pep Guardiola.

However, he agreed that this scourge was not only rife in Spain. “Racism is obviously a universal problem (…). There are people everywhere who think “we are better than the neighbors, we are better than the others (…), our country is better than the other”. We have to admit that diversity is a strength and, still today, we are far from it“, commented Guardiola.

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